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A simple mod that adds some tools (such as a button tothe sleeping GUI and acommand),allowing a player to kick themselves from the server (and therefore their bed).

This fixes the annoying issue of being stuck in a bed, a vanilla Minecraft bug, without having to completely restart the game.

Also addspersistent chat, allowing you to continue typing, uninterrupted, after waking up from a bed (another vanilla "bug").

(Requires Bed Bugs to be installed on the client)

When you typically press 'Leave Bed', that is exactly what you expect to happen. And, assuming that is the case (as it usually is), then this mod won't do a thing, staying nice and unobtrusive.

If however, you press the 'Leave Bed' button and you don't leave the bed, a button will pop up, allowing you to kick yourself from the server.

The button also has a tooltip describing its actions in-game, to explain what it does when clicked. It will appear after hovering your mouse over the 'Kick Me' button for a short while.

Here's a quick [0:17] video demonstration. Note that the player goes from being stuck in a bed to back in-game ready to playin only 5 seconds.

*The 'Leave Bed' buttonnot working as it normally does is just some temporary code I used to make this video possible.

(Requires Bed Bugs to be installed on the server if using a dedicated server/playing Multiplayer)

Bed bugs justadds one command (with tab completion).

/bedbugs kick [player]

This kicks the player specified. If no one is specified, it will attempt to kick the command sender.

(Requires Bed Bugs to be installed on the client)

Typically, if you start typing a message in chat, and then finish sleeping and wake up, your message disappears forever. Bed Bugs fixes that, allowing any half completed messages to stay so that you don't have to retype anything.

You don't necessarily have to install Bed Bugs on both the client and the server. You will probablyjust want to install it on both, but here are the details for those interested:

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