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A woman who harassed an Ohio nursing home and its administrator online following her mothers death could wind up facing jail time for her disparaging comments.

Gina Criscione, 64, is facing charges of telecommunications harassment and menacing by stalking for her alleged actions against East Park Care Center, a 40-bed nursing home in Brook Park, OH, and against its administrator at the time, Sara Thurmur. Criscione is accused of making multiple online posts on Facebook and calling the facility more than 2,000 times during an 18-month period, from early 2017 until her mothers death in June 2018.

Posts made by Criscione alleged that the facility was infested with bed bugs and refused to let her speak to her mother. They also alleged that her mother was severely dehydrated and lost more than 30 pounds before her death. Criscione also allegedly threatened to expose Thurmer for what you really are, court documents revealed, according to a report by

The facility took action in September to have charges filed. Police documents revealed that the provider and administrator had worked to address and resolve her issues and concerns right away to assure that her mothers care was in place and alleviate those anxieties for her, but the excessive calls continued, causing Thurmer mental distress.

Criscione faces up to up to a year in jail if the case moves forward and shes convicted. Her defense team has argued the providers case violates her First Amendment rights and is moving to have it dropped. The case has drawn nationwide attention in academic and First Amendment circles. Multiple First Amendment scholars have written to the court, claiming that legal action would be inappropriate.

Anyone could be put in jail for saying anything that someone perceives as abusive or causing distress. They are all in serious danger if the Brook Park law departments office gets its way, argued her attorney, Brian Bardwell.

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Nursing home turns to courts for help with smear campaign as nation looks on - News - McKnight's Long Term Care News - McKnight's Long Term Care News

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