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Every household has the same problem when it comes to pests. How to get rid of them? As neat as our household may be, these uninvited visitors can be very persistent. Buildings, homes, and apartments are most commonly overran in the summer by insects, spiders, and other arthropods, and many will be surprised to meet these residents as well.

However, insects and other pests are something that not need necessarily to worry us. Like all other beings on the planet, some of the small persistent visitors have their big part in the ecosystem. There are one that stimulate microbial diversity that can even strengthen the human immune system, but unlike the beneficial ones, there are those roommates who are only there to do harm and to annoy us. Either way, they are certainly not one of the things one wants in their home.

Although bed bugs do not transmit infectious diseases, if they occur in your home, they will make your life worse and may even cause certain problems.From physical reactions such as rashes and allergies, to psychological impact (stress, anxiety, insomnia), there are many reasons why they are not welcome in anyones home!

There are several signs that they have appeared in your home. If you have skin irritation or notice small red spots on the face, hands, feet or back, itching, this is one of the signs. Inflammation may occur at the place of the bite. To make sure they are biting bed bugs rather than another insect, pay attention to the appearance of the bite. They appear in straight rows, zigzag or clustered. However, some people can be bitten without skin reacting at all.

Also see if you have reddish or orange stains that look like blood or rust on your bed or clothes. If you crush a bed bug right after eating, it will leave a bloody stain behind, while rust stains are usually the waste they leave behind. The white spots on the furniture can be eggs or eggshells. They are usually in the form of rice grains, translucent or white, often shimmering.

Stink bugs are insects that do not tolerate cold, so they look for every opportunity to hide in your warm homes. There are most of them in the early fall, and they seem to be waiting for the moment when you open the door and window to sneak in or just fly in. These are plant parasites that feed on the vegetable juices of fruits, vegetables, flowers, garden and ornamental plants, which is why they are considered by the growers as pests. The stink bugs wont hurt you, but their name alone says they leave a nasty smell, which you wont be able to neutralize for a long time if you crush them. Due to the invasion of these bugs, decontamination is increasingly being done, and the number of interventions increased by 40% last year because they are not easy to deal with, although they are harmless to health. If they appear in your home, do not kill it, but gently pick it up with toilet paper and throw it in the toilet or stick it with tape and catch it. Stink bugs are also repeled by the smell of garlic and mint, so put it in front of your windows or doors.

If they spend the winter trapped in some warm places of your home, during the first warm days, you will see and hear the onslaught of those beetles. If by any chance you do not manage to eliminate the swarm of stinkbugs, the experts will help you with the disinfestation methods, where environmentally friendly preventative measures over chemical interventions take precedence. Leave it to reputable companies like

Many can be disturbed by the fact that the mouse or rat has settled in your home. Many rodents are harmless nocturnal animals that can be beneficial to the ecosystem, but this is not the case for mice and rats that have been recorded throughout history as permanent companions of man. Plus, these really big pests are hard to catch and completely destroy when they occur in the home. Where one came from, more could come. They reproduce very easily and quickly. They are quite resistant to external conditions and are skilled climbers so they can reach anywhere. They are widespread and cause significant economic damage. They also pose a great danger to human health, as they leave behind urine, feces and saliva, through which various infectious diseases can be transmitted. The diseases they transmit can be bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal. The most dangerous are plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, tularemia, sodoku fever, and mouse fever.

They are very ugly, mostly harmless in the sense that they do not bite but are able to transmit infections. Favorite places for cockroaches to stay in are places where people live, because we create good living conditions for them. They are mostly active at night and occur most often in the bathroom, kitchen, darkened and basement rooms. Cockroaches can be attracted to even very small scraps of food and their favorite treats are sugary treats. These insects can also eat from food packaging or invisible pieces of food from dirty dishes

To prevent these insects from appearing, be sure to wash all dishes immediately after eating and keep all food in closed containers or refrigerated. Remove all food pieces from the floor, table, furniture by vacuuming and cleaning. Always keep your garbage can well closed and empty it as often as possible or throw it away from your apartment.

These diligent insects generally occur in large communities ie. colonies so you can hardly see them alone. Ants are ubiquitous, so they can be anywhere there is a food source for them. Their favorite treats are the sweet juices of herbs, herbs and other foods such as fruits, honey, sugar, various sweets, snacks, foods rich in starch and carbohydrates. Their favorite place in the house is the kitchen, so make sure you dont leave any food behind. They will get into the smallest crevice only if you allow them and once it is settled in your home it is very difficult to get rid of.

There are many more that can make our lives difficult and even dangerous for our health. One of them is mosquitoes. They are responsible for the deaths of millions a year because they transmit malaria. Also spiders, which if poisonous can be life threatening, and if not, their bites are very painful. Termites cause problems for people, especially in Africa. And if you hear a faint hum in the wall or in the attic, be sure to consult the experts, some of the very dangerous bee or hornet species may have made nest. Also, do not habitually destroy all types of insects as they play a large role in the ecosystem. And if you do, avoid highly toxic products.

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Most Dangerous Pests You Can Find In Your Home - Along the Boards

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