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An online video was enough for Metro to "immediately" dispatch its pest control company to treat several wooden benches at Government Square on Friday. The square is one of the busiest bus stops in the city.

The man who posted the video online did not want to speak with WLWT on camera but gave his permission to use the video.

In a statement, Metro said, "Metro is aggressive about addressing any pest issues. Government Square is power washed and cleaned daily. Additionally, we proactively treat all buses on a regular basis for the safety of all of our customers."

When WLWT showed the video to Metro riders, several were surprised and grossed out by the amount of bugs.

"I'm disgusted," Monique Thompson said. "I sit there all the time. That's nasty, like they need to do something ASAP."

After Metro treated the benches, it posted signs that said, "Area being treated. Please do not sit on benches."

Trinity Hudgins told WLWT she saw the sign but sat down on the benches anyway.

"It kinda does surprise me only because I haven't seen (any) at all; as much as I've been down here, but yeah, that's surprising," Hudgins said.

WLWT reached out to Bed Bugs Solutions, a Mason-based company that has been treating bed bug-infested homes for four years.

Owner Mark Winter said there appears to be bed bugs in the video.

"They definitely look like bed bugs and to a pretty high percentage. I would say that those are bed bugs, like 90 percent that those are bed bugs," Winter said. "The amount of bugs that are in there, that's a good infestation. Those have been in there for awhile."

Winter estimated roughly one in five people in Cincinnati live in homes that have had or are currently being treated for bed bugs and that the bugs look for small confined spaces, including wooden furniture or benches.

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