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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Residents at the Davis Village Apartments woke up Thursday morning to find a letter notifying them they had 24 hours before a canine unit would be brought in to inspect their apartment.

The letter states quote, "Due to several complaints and issues at the complex a canine unit will be brought in."

Sharon Pickens has lived in the apartments for seven years and she remembers canine being brought in to search about a year ago, but it was the demands from the letter that alarmed her.

"It was the deliverance of it. People didn't understand... you couldn't have your fan on... you couldn't have your air fresheners going," said Pickens.

The State Director of the company told us the inspection was done only to detect bed bugs....but Pickens says the letter didn't make it clear what the dogs were coming in to search for.

"It just snapped at you ... you got to do this and you got to that and we are going to do this and just a little a more compassion about it, said Pickens.

Barbara Terry has lived in the apartments for two years and says she doesn't see a problem with the letter and is thankful for management being proactive in cleaning the complex up.

"I'm glad they are doing that. There's absolutely no reason why I wouldn't allow anybody in here unless I just didn't know them," said Terry.

The State Director said the K-9's did 'not find any bed bugs in any apartments, but that if the dogs found any drugs, they would be notifying police.

The State Director for Greens Company did tell us these inspections are done routinely and if the residents have any concerns or questions to contact their corporate office or the property management's office.

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K9s used to search for bed bugs at apartment complex - KXII-TV

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