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Due to the changing weather, many types of insects and pests start appearing in the houses. Yes and one of them is bedbug. Yes, bedbugs are hidden in the bed in such a way that they are not even visible to many people. Yes and they continue to take nutrition from the body. By the way, sometimes the bites of bedbugs also leave marks on the body and sometimes the skin is also damaged. However, if there have been too many bedbugs in your bedroom or sofa, then we are going to tell you some tips, by following which you can easily overcome the problem of bedbugs. Let us know about these measures.

Neem oil- Neem oil is such a thing, using which you can drive bedbugs from many places like beds, sofa sets etc. in a few minutes. Yes, its smell is very strong and bedbugs do not even take the name of stopping in front of it. Let us tell you that apart from bedbugs, if any other insect also enters inside the bed or sofa, then it will also run away in a few minutes. However, for this, first take out 1 teaspoon of neem oil in a vessel. Now soak the cotton well in it and apply it in almost all parts of the bed. By the way, if you want, soak a cotton ball and keep it under the bed. You must do this process for about 2 days in a week.

Lavender Oil Along with neem oil, lavender oil is also excellent. Yes, it is good to drive bed bugs away from the bed. This is because the scent of lavender won't make the bed bugs wander around the bed. By using it, you can also drive away other insects in the house. However, for this, soak the cotton well in lavender oil. Now keep the cotton under the bed and leave it for some time. After this the bedbugs will run away on their own.

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If bed bugs are hidden in the bed, then follow these 2 most effective home remedies - News Track English

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