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Sticking to your nighttime routine can be a chore at the best of times.

Some nights you are full of energy, others youre simply too exhausted. So it can be hard to stick to a rigid routine you follow by the book every single night.

We have all been guilty of skipping a shower or perhaps leaving bedding on for longer than we should, but did you know that all of these things can add up to pose risks to your health?

A recent study from MattressOnline has revealed some of our filthiest bedtime habits, and uncovered that one in three people only change their pyjamas every five days or more.

If this is something you do and youre not batting an eyelid at this statistic, you should know that the Clean Living Institute recommends that you wash your pyjamas every three to four wears.

But as it turns out, a third of people dont stick to that rule.

And in what is even grosser news, one in 20 adults only change their nightwear after sleeping in it for 10 nights or more. TEN!

So, how can not changing your pyjamas affect your health you may ask? In a lot of fairly nasty ways, it seems.

By not washing your nightwear regularly, you risk your pyjamas gathering dead skin cills, dust mites and bed bugs - and dont forget the bodily fluids left on the sheets. If this bacteria transfers onto your skin, you could risk getting an infection like cystitis.

See, we told you it wasnt pleasant. However it is totally avoidable if you wash pyjamas after every three to four washes.

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How often you should wash pyjamas and the nasty health risks if you don't - RSVP Live

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