Hotel guests left covered in bloody bed bug bites as owners blame guests for infestation – Daily Star

Guests staying at a hotel have been blamed for the bed bugs found in the accommodation by the owner of the property.

The bloody bed bugs were spotted on the bedsheets, with the bites and damage they caused to a woman and her friend, Phia Boo, who stayed at the hotel photographed.

Despite airing their grievances with management, the owner of the hotel believes that the pair planted the bugs in their beds and refused to take responsibility for the unwanted pillow pests.

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The experience has "petrified and traumatized" the pair who took shelter in the Jalan Besar, Singapore-based hotel, which has caused an alarming series of bites and rashes on the neck of one holidaymaker.

Their less-than-stellar bedroom was chastised by the holidaymakers, yet despite their complaints were blamed for their bed bug nightmare night.

The proprietors alleged that the bed bugs were brought in by the guests and that it was "very likely" they had brought them in with their luggage.

Citing the incident as an "isolated report from [a] guest", ST Signature shared that a weekly pest control service was taking place and that they have an active protocol for dealing with incidents like this.

ST Signature is said to have refunded the pair a total of 136.77.

In a statement released by the hotel chain, they said: "We hope that this will provide some comfort in compensation for the affected guests in these challenging times.

"We are disheartened that the guests had an unpleasant experience during their stay in Singapore.

"We have done our best to provide the service and assistance to the affected guests and we sincerely hope to welcome back to ST Signature again in the future."

The hotel has also continued to stand by their claim that the guests did not reach out to them for a refund, but did leave a negative review on Facebook and an AirBnB app, Mothership reported.


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Hotel guests left covered in bloody bed bug bites as owners blame guests for infestation - Daily Star

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