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ELDERLY residents are living in a sheltered housing complex infected by bed bugs.

The daughter of a resident in Glebe Court in Kilmacolm is furious that after replacing her father's bed and furniture his flat has been infested for a second time.

Morag Simpson says River Clyde Homes, who oversee the complex, have not taken responsibility.

She said her father's bed and furniture were removed and replaced only to become re-infected.

Her father James Greig is 84 and suffers from a string of medical issues.

The pensioner has heart problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis and macular degeneration.

Morag said: "One of the carers found the bed bugs in my dad's bed.

"My father needs carers three times a day and the district nurse.

"What is happening here is disgusting.

"What is really infuriating is my dad is paying full rent to live here.

"He's really down about it all."

Morag claims she has been 'completely stonewalled' by River Clyde Homes in her attempts to have the situation sorted out.

She said: "I have tried and tried to get in touch with River Clyde Homes and they keep putting me on hold, saying they are dealing with other people.

"I talked my dad into moving here after my mum died, to be near me in the village, and there has been nothing but problems since he moved in.

"He's been flooded out three times too.

"I want them to completely gut the place."

Another resident, Ann Muir - who is on the tenants' forum - lives in the court with her husband John and told the Tele the bedbug problem has been going on since the end of November.

She said: "We found bugs in the laundry and the machines had to be cleaned inside, then a warden killed a couple of them on the floor.

"Two carers saw bed bugs crawling up the furniture in the communal lounge.

"My husband is blind, so he wouldn't see the bugs.

"A lot of the furniture here is old and has been donated.

"We spoke to the manager and he told his boss but nothing gets done.

"It's terrible."

She blames the housing association for the poor condition of the complex.

Ann said: "I've got no time for River Clyde Homes."

Glebe Court is at least 40 years old and was one of the first sheltered housing complexes to be built in the area.

Morag is so incensed by the bed bug outbreak that she contacted Councillor David Wilson to complain.

Councillor Wilson said: "The management by RCH of Glebe Court is shocking.

"New furniture was bought and delivered which now contains bed bugs.

"The family is very, very angry.

"I want River Clyde Homes to take responsibility."

The housing association today today the Telegraph they 'take these matters very seriously'.

Stevie McLachlan, head of customer services, said: "We are aware of the outbreak at Glebe Court and have been liaising with the council to ensure that the areas affected are treated promptly and efficiently.

"Wiping out bedbugs can be a difficult process that takes some time and involves repeated treatments.

"We know that bedbugs are unpleasant and always aim to respond to calls from customers for pest control support as quickly as possible.

"River Clyde Homes will continue to monitor to ongoing events closely and take appropriate action where necessary.

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