Hey Pandas, Tell Me You Hate Bugs Without Telling Me You Hate Bugs – Bored Panda


I saw Incy Wincy Spider,It climbed up on the wall,Out came my scream and the spider dropped out,Out came the shrieks and cries of terror,So Incy Wincy Spider got thrown out and about.



I didn't sleep for about 2-3 days after seeing a massive a*s spider



Slept with the light on for a week, even after 'unmentionable' was squished.


It was only one night in a hotel room but I slept with the light on, my street clothes on(including socks), with the sheet wrapped around me so that only my nose was exposed.


My friend have arachnophobia, and once at school a tiny spider dropped behind him during lunch on a piece of invisible spider silk. He freaked out and passed out. The spider was as big as a tiny pill, and the spider actually looked pretty cute with tiny white lines running down its tiny feet. My other best friend thoughshe told me I was demented for thinking a spider is cute. I put the spider outside.



Most of them are dirty and carry diseases. I don't need that in my house or in my life.



I dislike insects >:)



If I hear the words bed bugs I check all of my beds and freak out when I'm sleeping and I get an itch. Sometimes I freak out when my head itches to much because I might have lice. I had lice at least three time growing up. We had bed bugs once. Oh God bed bugs are awful.



My mom berates me when I panic after seeing a wasp, and also for not going outside very much



My friend sent me the spider emoji and I didnt talk to him for a week



My spouse is a science teacher in a middle school. In the past, he kept unusual classroom animals to teach respect rather than fear. One animal of note, was a large tarantula that was in a large terrarium within a locked cage. The spider grew enough that it shed its skin, producing an exact, furry, brightly colored copy of itself. My spouse has not always been known for his maturity. He glued a tiny, nearly invisible fishing line to the spiders molted skin. Hiding the spider among some cleverly arranged books in the teachers lounge, he sat and patiently awaited his prey.. he lost the trust of several friends that day. Especially the Math teacher who had to go home for a change of clothes.


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Hey Pandas, Tell Me You Hate Bugs Without Telling Me You Hate Bugs - Bored Panda

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