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HAMILTON, ON, Dec. 9, 2019 /CNW/ -Petty Pest Control Services, home and commercial pest control professionals has announced the addition of a new heat treatment technology to their wide range of bed bug control solutions. This is in response to the numerous requests from their customers to make bed bug heat treatment services available in the community.

Jim Petty, the owner of PPC Services, says it took a while to have the service accessible on the market. "A lot of different ways to deliver heat to a bed bug infested home have been used in the past, and unfortunately some have destroyed more than just the bed bugs."

"I wanted a safe, reliable method that delivers heat quickly and safely to the home," says Jim. The PPC Heat Assault Insect Eradication System is the most effective treatment for bed bugs on the market today.

Bed bugs can be hard to kill. They hide inside cracks and crevices, in keyholes and light switches, in between mattresses and baseboards, in picture frames and under carpets and rugs. They can be anywhere, and these places are difficult to reach with household insecticides and even powerful chemical pesticides. Chemical fumes may breakdown before it can reach the nesting places where bed bugs hide.

Bed bug heat treatment is far more effective than chemical treatments. The PPC Heat Assault bed bug heat treatment is a specially designed equipment used to raise the temperature in a home or building to kill the bed bugs. It can reach very high temperatures of up to 145F or more and kill all bed bugs, larvae and eggs in just a matter of hours.

"It's like turning your home into a hot box," Jim explains. "We need to maintain a high temperature for several hours, to ensure that the heat penetrates into hard to reach places like tiny cracks and crevices, mattresses, box springs, furniture, carpeting and baseboards."

The heat system is ideal for homes, businesses and high-rises up to 30 floors.

PPC's heat treatment solution uses propylene glycol. "It's basically a water solution, so it's chemical-free, non-toxic and environmentally safe.

PPC Servicesoffers a non-toxic, chemical-free technology that is the most effective and safest heating treatment for bed bugs on the market today. The service is available in Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington, St. Catharines areas andnearby communities.

SOURCE Petty Pest Control Services

For further information: Jim Petty, (289) 439 -4343

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Hamilton-based Pest Control Service Introduces Innovative Heat Treatment for Bedbugs - Canada NewsWire

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