Fiance claims partner with cancer is forced to sleep in Oklahoma County Jail cell covered in feces –

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) KFOR continues to hear horror stories from inside the Oklahoma County Jail. This time, the fianc of a cancer patient contacted News 4, claiming he is being forced to sleep in a cell covered in feces.

He said that they have bed bugs. He said the conditions are just horrible, Tracy Perry told News 4.

Perry called News 4 last week about the horrifying conditions that she said her fianc is battling inside the Oklahoma County Jail.

Hes in the third stage of cancer, you know, and you got to sleep on the floor? Or sharing a bunk with another man? Come on now, Perry said.

These are problems inside the jail that News 4 has reported on time and time again.

He said he hasnt got his medicine. He told me in the cell, theres human feces all over the floor, Perry said.

Last month, a surprise inspection from the Oklahoma State Department of Health led to a report that detailed a long list of repeat deficiencies.

Those deficiencies include a bed bug infestation, inmates not being fed three times a day, medical and mental health screenings not being performed and juvenile inmates only seeing staff during meal time.

OSDH also discovered that the jail was not complying with a state requirement, that juvenile inmates are to be separated by sight and sound from adult inmates.

Ultimately, the jail lost its certification to house juveniles.

Its like a joke in there, said Perry. They need to shut that county down. They need to do something.

Last week, the 11 juvenile inmates who were still inside the jail, who are all charged with first degree murder, were moved to the Pawnee County Jail after the Pawnee County commissioners voted to approve a new contract with the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority, which operates the Oklahoma County Jail.

News 4 got a tour of the Pawnee County Jail and spoke with a few of the Oklahoma County juvenile inmates who told our crew that theyre treated much better here and that the food is actually edible.

To them, our jail is the four seasons, compared to what they have, Chief Deputy Nicholas Mahoney, with the Pawnee County Sheriffs Office, told News 4 last week.

Oklahoma County Criminal Justice authority officials have repeatedly told News 4 that theyre working on fixing a lot of the problems inside the jail. Theyve also said they dont agree with some of the deficiencies listed in that OSDH report.

Im hurt because I know what hes going through and to be in that situation, it hurts, Perry said.

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Fiance claims partner with cancer is forced to sleep in Oklahoma County Jail cell covered in feces -

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