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A Doncaster couple say that they are experiencing quarantine hotel hell in Greece after testing positive for coronavirus at the end of their holiday.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, are currently isolating at a quarantine hotel in Corfu, Greece, after one of them tested positive in the final days of their holiday.

They flew out to Corfu on July 27 for a three night and four day holiday and say their initial experience was "amazing".

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However, they say it soon went down hill after testing positive for Covid and being sent to a quarantine hotel that they claim has bed bugs, "vile" food, broken glass on the floor and is dirty.

But the couple say it was plain sailing before that and they were really enjoying their holiday.

The girlfriend said: "The whole process from testing before, to the airport and the hotel was beautiful.

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"We kept to the rules, wore masks, kept our distance from everyone and washed our hands all the time.

"The we went for our tests to come home. I tested positive, which I don't understand how.

"The doctor told me in the middle of the street that I was positive and then left us stranded in the street for hours whilst they closed the doctors and went home.

"We were then told by Jet 2 to go back to our hotel and we would isolate there.

"We then had another test in the hotel to confirm and it came back positive again.

"We were then told we were going to the Greek government isolation hotel and that's where all the trouble and bad conditions started."

The couple have been split up into different rooms and told that they can't go home until they have a negative Covid test result.

But they say that the conditions are awful not something someone should be made to stay in.

She continued: "The food is vile, the place is filthy dirty and there are bed bugs in my bed.

"We've been split up and I can't go home until August 9 if I get a negative test result.

"I've been in two rooms and they are both as vile, with broken glass on the floor."

The state of her first room was so filthy that she complained and was able to be moved into another one.

She added: "They moved me and this one is just as bad.

"The whole room is dirty, especially the fridge, bathroom and the table where you have to eat.

"I can go home on August 9 if I get a negative test result and my boyfriend has to stay until the 13th and have a negative test.

"Obviously we knew the risks of going on holiday. It's not the isolation that's the problem.

"I'm happy to isolate to stop others getting infected.

"It's just not the conditions someone should be made to stay in. That's the problem."

Have you had a bad experience in a quarantine hotel? Let us know in the comments.

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