Disgusted mum begs for help after finding bed worms slithering out of her mattress & its more common than… – The Sun

A MUM has been left horrified after finding "bed worms" coming out of her spare mattress.

The disgusted woman took to Facebook to try and identify the small critters slithering in her bed.


She wrote on the Mums Who Clean group: These are coming out of my spare mattress does anyone know what they are?

People were quick to offer up suggestions as to what bugs they may be.

While some said they could be bed bugs, others said that they resemble bed worms instead.

Bed worms are the larvae of either adult carpet beetles or plant moths that enter your bed to consume the fabric.


The shocked woman replied: Yeah thanks everyone Im absolutely mortified and Im throwing the bed out.

One person wrote: Oh dear. Id get rid of it completely and another added: I didn't know these were a thing!

But how can you get rid of bed larvae if you find some in your home?


According to RidMyCritters, you should first run any infested linens through the washer and dryer on high heat to kill any present larvae and eggs.

Then, vacuum the bed with a commercial carpet or upholstery cleaner, which sends hot water deep into the surface, then sucks up critters such as bed worms, bed bugs, dust mites, or fleas.

If in doubt, you can always call a pest control company to help solve the problem professionally.

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Disgusted mum begs for help after finding bed worms slithering out of her mattress & its more common than... - The Sun

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