The City of Crookston Fall Clean-Up Week will be held from October 25 through October 29. Clean-up items will be picked up only on your regular garbage pickup day and must be placed on the street boulevard.

City of Crookston Public Works Director Brandon Carlson wants people to keep a few things in mind ahead of the busy week. The first reminder for people is to make sure theyre not putting anything out more than 72 hours before their pickup day, said Carlson. If you could put things out the morning before you leave for work, that would be the best for yourself and us. If we can avoid having things get rained on, it makes it easier to pick up, and it leaves your yard cleaner afterward.

Its also important to remember to separate piles so that pickup is easier for the city. The next biggest thing is probably making sure that you separate the piles, said Carlson. Keep your garbage, clothing, and cardboard into separate piles because it again makes it quicker for the guys to clean up. Metal items and branches should also be separated.

There are a few things that the city will not be picking up during Clean-Up week. Concrete, batteries, partially full paint cans, other chemicals, or large amounts of demolition debris will not be accepted. Branches will be taken but must be cut in four-foot lengths and bundled.

Carlson talked about why the department cant accept some of these items. It has to do with the hazardous materials in the TVs, said Carlson. The battery acid in those are why we cant accept those, but most scrap guys will pay for a battery anyways, so if you bring them to a local scrap guy, you can get some money for them.

These devices may also be disposed of at the Polk County Environmental Services Transfer Station. One last reminder is that in awareness of clean-up week in Crookston, Polk County Public Health advises not to bring furniture, mattresses, box springs, or bed frames found on the street into your home to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

If you have any questions leading up to Fall Clean-Up Week, you can contact Crookston City Hall at 218-281-1232.

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