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If you struggle to get comfortable at night, a memory foam pillow can bring a range of health benefits.

By supporting your head and neck and cushioning pressure points, the right pillow can align your spine to help you relax more and even ease snoring.

Panda Londons bamboo memory foam pillow was named Best Eco-Friendly Pillow in the Best UK Mattress awards in 2021 as well as Best Pillow Overall in the 2020 Mattress Guide. It has been specifically designed to ensure the ultimate comfort in bed, offering great support for your head and positioning your neck and spine to improve your sleep.

Each orthopaedic grade Panda London pillow is made up of three layers of visco memory foam which use the latest memory foam gel which contours to your neck and shoulders to relieve pressure points and keep you cool at night.

And because it comes with a removable bamboo pillow cover, it feels soft as a feather while wicking away moisture and encouraging airflow to keep you naturally cooler.

Panda London even offers a 10-year guarantee so you can trust that your pillow will stay supportive and free from faults for a decade.

Panda London offers a fantastic range of bamboo homeware products including 100 percent bamboo bedding, towels, mattress toppers and duvets. If youre looking for the best quality natural bedding thats gentle on your body and also on the planet, their range combines the softest bamboo fabric with the coolest designs and cutting-edge tech for an eco-friendly range that doesnt cost the earth.

Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, helping it to repel microorganisms and parasites like mites and even bed bugs, plus its in-built antimicrobial enzyme naturally deters the bacteria known to irritate sensitive skin and cause unpleasant odours.

It is also hypoallergenic, making bamboo bedding the ideal choice for eczema or asthma sufferers.

Bamboo is the worlds fastest-growing plant - growing up to three feet a day - but only needs a third as much water as cotton, plus it releases 30 per cent more oxygen than hardwood trees.

In fact, Panda London is working as hard as they can to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of their products lifecycles, from forest to your front door. So far, they have protected more than 567,930 trees, removing almost 205,000 tonnes of CO from the atmosphere equivalent to taking 123,654 cars off the road.

All their products are made from certified organic bamboo grown and produced without any harmful chemicals meeting industry standards that ensure there are no harmful substances left in the fabric at the end of the manufacturing process.

Bamboo products can be washed at low temperatures and dry rapidly without the need for fabric softeners or ironing, making them a low-energy option too.

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Burnley: discover the health benefits of memory foam pillows - Burnley Express

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