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KENDALLVILLE In local weird news, a bedbug issue that closed the Steuben County Courthouse was the most-read story of the past week.

A woman reportedly infested with bedbugs who was attending a hearing in the Steuben County Courthouse caused county officials to close the building in order to prevent the parasite from spreading. The courthouse was declared closed after 10 a.m. Tuesday after the situation occurred.

Despite the scare, the courthouse opened the next day.

The story caught the eyes of nearly 9,000 readers on, making it the most popular of the last week. This week also saw some sports stories pop into the Top 10. For local sports updates, remember to follow the KPC Sports Facebook page.

Heres a look at the Top 10 most-read stories online from Jan. 9 through Jan. 15:

Bedbug infestation closes courthouse 8,849 pageviews

Police arrest man in Garrett raid 5,620 pageviews

Burrell case back before local court 3,385 pageviews

Garrett Police arrest six people Saturday 2,882 pageviews

Fire damages home east of Auburn 2,450 pageviews

Freaky Feet Pete, LaGrange County harness racing legend, settles into his post-racing career 1,832 pageviews

First Duesenberg belongs to museum 1,605 pageviews

Pete Kempf steps down as Baron football coach 1,456 pageviews

Community flocks to CLC open house 1,264 pageviews

Prairie Heights adds Hall of Fame 1,236 pageviews

Over on the KPC News Facebook page, Freaky Feet Pete, the harness racing legend of LaGrange County, captured the most viewer looks this past week, along with other popular posts:

Jan. 14: This may be the first time our weekly Neighbors feature has profile a non-human, but Freaky Feet Pete has certainly had an interesting run 4,399 people reached, 53 reactions, 14 shares

Jan. 11:(Shared from KPC Sports) Pete Kempf said his family needs to be his primary focus right now. Kempf was 27-33 in six years as the DeKalb football coach 3,941 people reached, 31 reactions, 18 shares, 10 comments

Jan. 13: Fire damages home east of Auburn 3,783 people reached, 42 reactions, 30 shares, one comment.

On the individual daily newspaper Facebook pages, a high-profile murder case, a drug raid in Garrett and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile garnered the most attention:

Jan. 9: (The Herald Republican) Burrell case back before local court 495 people reached (3,154 reach on KPC News), 132 reactions, 68 shares, 53 comments.

Jan. 10: (The Star) Police arrest man in Garrett raid 352 people reached (3,751 reach on KPC News), 194 reactions, 71 shares, 35 comments.

Jan. 15: (The News Sun) The iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be visiting LaGrange and Rome City this week 4,532 people reached, 148 reactions, 57 shares, 27 comments.

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Bedbugs give readers the itch this week | Columnists -

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