Bed bugs reported at Edgewater apartments –

The District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board has confirmed to BayToday that five units at the Edgewater apartments on Lakeshore Drive are being treated for bed bugs.

Mark King, the DNSSAB chairman, got the news on Tuesday and confirmed the bed bug infestation in the low-income facilityon Wednesday afternoon.

"Our housing manager has indicated that they confirmed that there are five units that have bed bug activity now," said King.

"All (the five units)of the apartments have been treated at least once."

King says his housing manager believes bed bugs are prevalent in most apartment buildings even though the housing authority has extensive preventative procedures.

"They arewell aware of it and the treatment has taken place and it will be monitored. Not sure if it has impacted anyone. People are coming and going and if you have inbound people with personal possessions coming from somewhere else, that is how they travel."

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Tenants are encouraged to let the landlord or property manager know immediately if they suspect they have bed bugs. This helps to deal with the situation before it worsens, and before it spreads to other units.

Bed bugs can travel through space between walls and through cracks and crevices. Sealing these areas with caulking can sometimes help.

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Bed bugs reported at Edgewater apartments -

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