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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) A bed bug infestation is getting better at a public housing building in Green Bay that is mostly home to elderly residents.

Green Bays Housing Authority has been battling bed bugs at Mason Manor for the past 4 years, but management said some changes have led to some big results.

I have heard from people who live there and their families and they are frustrated and confused. How can this go on for years? How can my grandma or mom be put through this? said Chris Wery, Green Bay City Council Alderman. Mason Manor is located within Werys district.

At its peak infestation, Green Bays Housing Authority said of the 152 rooms at Mason Manor, about 43 had bed bugs.

At our worst, we had 28 percent of our units infested, said Robyn Hallet, Green Bay Housing Administrator. We are now down to 5 percent.

Hallet said the goal is zero, but she said they've come a long way with a lot of hard work, including changes to protocol and policy.

We require residents attend a semiannual presentation by pest control companies. They are also provided a bed bug prevention and treatment handbook, said Hallet.

Along with quarterly canine inspections, residents are asked not to bring in any used or second hand items and if residents see any bed bugs, they are required to tell staff immediately.

From there we schedule a three-part series of application, said Hallet. Residents are also required to dispose of infested furniture and staff will help by wrapping it in plastic to contain the bed bugs.

Over the past four years, Hallet said they've spent over $175-thousand dollars fighting bed bugs and with more work in the future, she said she is appreciative of all the residents cooperation.

Its invasive for residents and can be disturbing and stressful to them so we applaud them and thank them for their hard work, said Hallet.

Im glad they are getting a handle on it but I am going to keep pressure on it to eliminate it, said Wery.

Action 2 News first reported on the bed bugs at Mason Manor back in December of 2016.

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Authorities: Bed Bug infestation at Mason Manor at 5 percent - WBAY

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