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AURORA, Colo. -- Bedbugs are creating an ongoing nuisance for tenants at a northwest Aurora apartment building as landlords across the country find it difficult to properly exterminate the pests.

Studies from this year indicate bedbugs are becoming more resistant to pesticides.

When I moved here, my son and I enjoyed it, Stapleton Apartments tenant Max Vaughns said. We [were] having fun.

But over the past three months, Vaughns said he has spent some nights in his truck to get away from bedbugs.

Pictures show what Vaughns claims are evidence of bedbug bites and his young sons allergic reaction.

Written notice of entry into Vaughns apartment at 2201 Dayton St. explains pest control crews treated the apartment on more than one occasion. Each time, Vaughns said, nothing was resolved.

Exterminators said killing the bugs is a difficult job. Roughly 3,500 homes are treated for bedbugs in the Denver area every year, according to exterminators.

Tenants at Stapleton Apartments said management has admitted that Vaughns is not alone.

Vaughns, upset the issue hasnt been resolved, said he has stopped paying rent and is facing eviction.

He plans to be out of his unit within one week. Meanwhile, hes hoping his story will serve as a warning for anyone searching for an apartment.

I just want to make sure that others are aware of whats going on, Vaughns said.

A representative for the apartment management said like other apartment buildings in the state, Stapleton Apartments has been struggling with bedbugs compared to previous years.

A spokesman said aheat treatment that is typically successful is used on units with infestations.

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