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Old attics and crawl spaces can hide major rodents, rats, pests and other unhygienic creatures. They can be harmful to the health of those living in the house. Diversified CrawlSpace Services operates in Washington and offers solutions for dirty and unhygienic crawl spaces, attics, basements and other unused corners of residences and commercial buildings. Offering free inspection and services like mold removal, water removal, air and duct services and much more.

Tacoma, WA, USA - Crawl spaces and attics should regularly be cleaned. If such places are left unnoticed, they can house disease-causing creatures such as rats, pests, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. Diversified CrawlSpace Services offers crawl space water removal, crawl space mold removal, crawl space cleaning, insulation, pest control and other such services to make the house clean and tidy, free of all harmful agents.

The experts at Diversified CrawlSpace Services do all the dirty work to make the attic, basements, and crawl spaces clean. The equipment and material used in the process are environmentally friendly and safe to human health. Moreover, the services are affordable, yet quality is not compromised. Operating in all the major areas of Washington like Thurston county, Clark County, King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County and other nearby regions. Diversified CrawlSpace Services offers a free inspection of the area. If an attic, basement, or crawl space needs treatment, the experts will make sure that the best possible solution is applied.

Diversified CrawlSpace Services also takes care of duct systems in the attic. Keeping the duct systems clean and waterproof is recommended because a good duct system keeps the home comfortable, provides a better indoor air quality along with other benefits. Diversified CrawlSpace Services offers cleaning and sealing duct systems, ductwork installation, airflow adjustment and ductwork design.

Offering commercial pest control services for enterprises like hotels, motels, restaurants, manufacturing factories, schools, public lodging and other such businesses, Diversified CrawlSpace Services takes care of pests, bed bugs, rodents, flies, cockroaches and many other such organisms.

Crawl spaces may grow fungus, mold and mildew due to unwanted still water. Diversified CrawlSpace Services provides a complete waterproofing solution that will remove these kinds of unhygienic organisms from the house. The water may come from heavy rains, leaking pipes, melting snow or even groundwater. The professional team has all the necessary equipment and training to tackle any situation. By installing a sump pump, vapor barrier or by perimeter drain, the professionals at Diversified CrawlSpace Services take care of excess unwanted water.

Basements can be one of the most ignored places of the house when it comes to cleanliness. Due to lack of proper attention, it can habitat rats, rodents and other such vermin. Diversified CrawlSpace Services offers eco-friendly and safe solutions to remove these creatures out of the basements, attics, and crawl spaces, thus making the house cleaner and disease-free.

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A one-stop solution for all crawl spaces and attic related problems by Diversified CrawlSpace Services - Press Release - Digital Journal

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