Feeding Traps

With some other types of insects that have developed immunity against sprays and gel based products, the most effective treatment tool is that of the use of food baits. The insect is lured into the trap because it smells of a product that seems to be that of food. The pest enters the bait trap and carries the food back to his colony. The food is usually poisoned.

This is the most effective way to treat animals such as ants and other hard to kill insects. But, can you guess what happens with the bed bug here?

The bed bug does not and can not respond to these types of traps. There is one simple reason for this. The bed bug does not feed off of those types of products. The bed bugs main food source is that of blood, in most cases, human blood. Therefore these types of traps are ineffective at treating bed bugs.

In and 2005 The goal is to educate those that have the potential for exposure to the bed bug to know about it. Because bed bugs have not been around heavily since before 1940, most people do not know what they are, where they are or what they are capable of doing. there has been a lot of attention paid to the bed bug. 2006,

The Professional Pest Management Association is an advocacy group in the United States that is providing the campaign for this information to be presented to the general public in a way to educate them about this possible infestation.

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