What Bed Bugs Like

Do you care what bed bugs actually like? Most of us would say no, but we still should take a look at this topic for a better understanding of these little creatures.

First off, they enjoy the dark and prefer not to come out unless it is dark. They are creatures that like to hide and stay out of sight.

To hide, they will find small crevices and cracks to hide in. This may be places like fabric or wood, but any place will do as long as they are hidden.

Usually, the bed bug will not travel too far from its host, as it wants to stay close to its source of food. But, they can and do venture away if they so choose to do so. Although they are small, they can travel throughout the entire house if they wanted to do so.

Yet, it is most common to find them near their host's bed or in the small vicinity of where they know they can find their host.

The most common location for them is in the folds of a mattress.

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