Searching For Bed Bugs

When you decide to go on a search for bed bugs, you will want to try to look for them at night. This is the most common time that they will come out to look for their host. Remember that they do not feed everyday so you are not likely to see all of them at once.

Still, you can do a bit of searching for them during the day; it is just harder to find them this way.

Odd Facts About The Bed Bug To Know

  • Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans put out when they breathe. They are also attracted to the warmth that a person provides.
  • If you are bitten by a bed bug, you are likely not to feel anything for at least several hours. It will take this long for your skin to react to the products that the bed bug will inject into you.
  • Some scientists believe that bed bugs can go as long as 18 months without eating any blood at all. Although this is not common, it is thought to be possible.
  • In her lifetime, the female bed bug is likely to lay about This is only if she bears just five eggs per day.
  • When reproducing, the battle is on. The male bed bugs will actually impale the competing males. In doing so, he will inseminate the other male. Then, when the other male tries to inseminate the female, he will actually inseminate the female with the other male's secretions instead.
  • Although bed bugs do not like to be outdoors, they can be. They can even climb up under wood and other materials to invade another
    home. This is common in condos and in apartment complexes.
  • You may see a bed bug trapped inside the weaves on a woven shirt or pair of pants. They will appear as a dark speck there and are often missed by viewers.

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