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n');document.write('n nn');}HEADLINES warning holidaymakers about a plague of bloodsucking bed bugs at hotels across Spain appeared this weekend in British tabloids.The reports claimed that popular tourist destinations including Costa Blanca, the Ba.. Read More

A Brandon resident still reeling from having to flee his Manitoba Housing apartment in Winnipeg says he appreciates the help he has received, but needs other things to get his life back to relative normalcy.Victor Bouvette, 68, had his life turn into.. Read More

RACHEL SCHEIER | KAISER HEALTH NEWSFor nearly two decades, Lisa Dunseth loved her job at San Franciscos main public library, particularly her final seven years in the rare books department.But like many librarians, she saw plenty of chaos. Patrons ra.. Read More

Photo: AnnaStills (iStock by Getty Images)In the summer of 2019, my roommate and I moved into a new apartment because our old one was infested with bedbugs, but not before throwing out a bed frame my dad built for me and a small nightstand that had .. Read More

J.D. Vance wants to be our senator. He says hes from Ohio, but hes actually a carpetbagger recently moved from California to swipe a senate seat to serve his rich friends. Read his book, Hillbilly Elegy to see what he really thinks of Ohioans. Ive re.. Read More

With bulging eyes, an elongated mouth and feet that oozed resin, a fossil insect identified by Oregon State University research is so different from anything alive today that it needed to be placed in its own, extinct family.George Poinar Jr., profes.. Read More

Bed bugs get their name from their favorite feeding ground: You, in your own bed. These blood-suckers live in or near beds or other textiles, crawling up to bite you as you sleep, sometimes leaving you with itchy red marks or welts. Under optimal con.. Read More

(WAOW) - If you're a college student on a budget, it may be tempting to grab that free couch on the curb for your new apartment or dorm. But that exact situation puts you at risk of bed bugs.Bed bugs themselves don't spread disease, but their bites c.. Read More

SNEAKY pests are the house guest no one wants, but they always seem to find a way in. But by making these simple changes, you can make it harder for spiders, bugs and rodents to set up shop in your home. 9With an invasion of sex-crazed spiders on the.. Read More

With fall approaching in a matter of weeks and schools and colleges dorms opening, the Polk County Public Health Department is reminding everyone that bed bugs can be a major issue in college dorms and apartments and has some hints on what you can do.. Read More

Which is the smelliest animal in the world? Is the smell so pungent to get the title?Usually each animal has its own characteristics. Like loyal dogs, cute cats, thorny elephants, and more.However, what if the characteristic that emerged from the a.. Read More

Just like bed bug bites, flea bites also have a distinct pattern. Deemed the "breakfast, lunch, dinner" pattern, flea bites often emerge in groups of three, explains MedicineNet. Able to lay their eggs in carpets and fabric furniture, flea bites are .. Read More

Can baking soda kill bed bugs? If you're faced with this question, it is likely that you're tackling this notorious pest in your home. If this is the case, it's vital to follow the most effective extermination method possible and the solution is not.. Read More

When arriving at your hotel on holiday, bedbugs are likely to be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, travel is one of the main ways the tiny critters are spread.Though most hotels have vigorous cleaning routines, bedbugs can still pop up in t.. Read More