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Sun-seeking Brits heading to Spain on their holidays this year have been warned about soaring numbers of cockroaches, mosquitos and other tiny pests.A perfect storm of heavy downpours earlier in the year followed by a scorching 42C heatwave means pop.. Read More

Unless youve been living under a rockand even thats probably too pricey in New York City these daysyou know that rents here are wilding right now. Inventory is low, listings are flying off the market, and bidding wars are trending. Lines snake around.. Read More

A sign advertising an apartment building for rent in Ottawa on April 13.Spencer Colby/The Globe and MailLegal clinics that support renters have banded together to file human rights complaints against Ontarios Landlord and Tenant Board alleging its di.. Read More

K-State wildlife specialist Drew Ricketts discusses what to do when bats take up residence. Photo courtesy PixabayBy JESSICA JENSENK-State Research and Extension News ServiceMANHATTAN, Kan. Bats are interesting creatures that can squeeze through smal.. Read More

A man holding his air tickets.Check-in countertops: Look out for whether there are measures put in place to ensure that the check-in countertops or tables are disinfected to free them from bugs, and bacteria. They may look clean but may be bug-infest.. Read More

Photo: Akos Nagy (Shutterstock)Nobody wants bed bugs. You do not want bed bugs. The hotel youre staying in does not want bed bugs, but its entirely possible that it has them. We have tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but what do you .. Read More

We all love the feel and smell of freshly laundered bedsheets, but how often do you need to change your sheets? While changing bedsheets can seem like a chore at the end of a long day, putting off the task can turn your cozy bed into an unhygienic, b.. Read More

If you struggle to get comfortable at night, a memory foam pillow can bring a range of health benefits.By supporting your head and neck and cushioning pressure points, the right pillow can align your spine to help you relax more and even ease snorin.. Read More

Dont let the bedbugs mate. Thought bedbugs were revolting? Microscopic nipple mites that make whoopie on peoples faces may soon become one with humans, according to a skin-scrawling study published in the journalMolecular Biology and Evolution.Change.. Read More

Madison, WI Insight Pest Solutions Madison is helping clients in Madison enjoy the warm summer season with its reliable pest control services. Their summer pest control services are tailored to the common increase in an infestation that comes with w.. Read More

MOST people change their sheets regularly and some even turn their mattresses to ensure a good night's sleep. But one cleaning expert has revealed the task the majority of people completely forget - and it can have a major impact on your bedroom heal.. Read More

Sleep gives us day-to-day energy. So, a good night's sleep is best. Tips for a good night's sleep are:Power down: A cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on your nightstand may disrupt sleep. Turn off blue-light sources an hour before bed.Nix naps: Bo.. Read More

Our results highlight the importance of Wolbachia as a nutritional mutualist in bed bugs. The elimination of Wb significantly increased nymph development time and reduced adult size and survivorship, eggs laid per female, and hatch rate. When aposymb.. Read More

Due to the changing weather, many types of insects and pests start appearing in the houses. Yes and one of them is bedbug. Yes, bedbugs are hidden in the bed in such a way that they are not even visible to many people. Yes and they continue to take n.. Read More