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Photo: Mike CantlesCastanet's weekly bug feature has gone international.Every Friday from spring through fall, Castanet features a different insect or arachnid spotted roaming the Okanagan by readers.From some very scary spiders to winged creatures a.. Read More

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- While large cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York top the list of most bed bug treatments performed by a professional exterminator, according to data released last month, Pittsburgh is #20 on .. Read More

The mother of Yung Bleu's child, Shunna Phillips, has called out theartistfor allegedly being the "worst father" to their son Corbin, claiming that he's "abusive" and publicly wishing that she never had a baby with him.This comes following a long lis.. Read More

What would you do with nearly $19 million bucks to throw away? Probably not spend it on an entire block that has a history of bug infestations and multiple fires, right? In case you are down for it though, its currently on the market and up for grabs.. Read More

Paul Bhekimpilo Tshuma has lived in the same Montreal apartment building for 14 years. Heis able to get around-the-clock care thereand he saysthe location is perfect.But the 12-storey, 105-unit residential complex, which has a mix of subsidized housi.. Read More

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (FOX CAROLINA) -Thats my loved one in a facility. Im trying to get somebody to open up their ears and listen before its too late."Thomas Horne says his mother Margaret was someone who would go out of her way to help another per.. Read More

Tuolumne County Solid Waste, Greater Valley Conservation Corps and the Mattress Recycling Council will host a mattress and tire recycling event from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 5.The collection event will accept up to nine passenger tires and up t.. Read More

Its the stuff of nightmares. You check into your hotel room late at night, climb into bed and snuggle down into crisp white sheets ready for a good nights sleep, only to find a dead-eyed bedbug staring at you over the top of the duvet cover.Luckily, .. Read More

Watch any match involving Arsenal or Paris Saint-Germain and the message is impossible to miss.Emblazoned on shirtsleeves, on training equipment and, during home matches, on the advertising boards surrounding the pitch.This is the exposure that a 10m.. Read More

Depending upon who you talked to in 2020 when the pandemic was at its most critical point, the commercial market for pest control was either down, flat, or booming. A year plus later, at this point its fair to say that the majority of PMPs are sugges.. Read More

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!CHARLOTTE, N.C. The couples from Married At First Sight are back from their honeymoon and are getting ready to move into new apartments together. One dude is probably better off just burning.. Read More

Your mattress is likely one of the pricier items in your bedroom so why arent you taking better care of it? A mattress is an investment that is used every single day, that has a huge impact on your life (how many bad days have been caused by bad sle.. Read More

In February 2021, Black in Ento hosted a week of virtual events and gatherings to build community and connection, and organizers also raised money to support a grant program. Five $1,000 grants were awarded to exceptional Black scholars in the field .. Read More

Investing in one of the best mattress protectors will help to keep your mattress in top condition for longer, ensuring it's safe against accidents and spillages. Mattress protectors are also a must-have for hygiene, too, helping to defend your bed ag.. Read More

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