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Theres a reason why 97% of pest control professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year. Bed bug infestations are more common than ever. If you or anyone you know have ever experienced bed bugs, then you know that the damage left isnt just physi.. Read More

DENVER (KDVR) Roaches, mice and bed bugs: When they invade an apartment building, they put residents health at risk.Colorado laws protect renters, but how you go about submitting a complaint can determine how soon a problem is addressed.A Denver wom.. Read More

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A MUM who shared a snap of the sweet ladybirds she found in her home was horrified when she discovered what they really were.Taking to Facebook the unsuspecting mum shared a photo of the bugs that she had discovered on her bed.1Captioning the snap, s.. Read More

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The creepy crawlies can hide in numerous places, including bed frames, mattresses, clothing, furniture, behind picture frames, and loose wallpaper. Sneaky, agile, and blood-thirsty, these tiny pests can cause a right nuisance. Their bites can be itch.. Read More

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) One South Carolina lawyer specializing in bed bug cases said 90 percent of his cases stem from Myrtle Beach hotels and resorts.Trevor Eddy, owner of the Eddy Law Firm in Columbia, said his firm has worked on at least 45 cas.. Read More

A mum who claims to feel connected to ladybirds thought shed found two of the bugs in her home but was left horrified when she was told what the insects actually wereAn unsuspecting mum thought something beautiful was going to happen in her life whe.. Read More

A mum who was happy to find two "lady bugs" in her home was shocked to find out what the insects actually where after she posted a picture of them online. A Reddit-user who claimed to have an "affinity" with the colourful insect posted on the popular.. Read More

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by Marlene BerlinMy husband thought he was being dive bombed by bugs that bit him at night. A friend feared they had bed bugs. My own mysterious bug bites left itchy welts that stuck around for days. For me, the mystery went unsolved until late July.. Read More

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