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With the changing weather, pest-control businesses are starting to receive calls regarding ant, termite, rodent and bed bug infestations.While this is common as temperatures continue to warm up, there are ways to stop infestations before its too late.. Read More

Brits are being warned about an anticipated rise in bed bugs as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.A national trade body is urging householders to be vigilant to the presence of pesky insects as people start to move around again.British Pest Cont.. Read More

A Mile In Someone Elses Shoes: Justice Reform Activist Emily BarnesEmily Barnes is a criminal justice reform advocate and founder of Ignite Justice, a nonprofit group that works to improve prison and jail conditions in Oklahoma. Her 20-year-old son K.. Read More

- Advertisement -Singapore A member of the public took to social media to warn others about massage chairs in shopping malls or public areas after his arm was ravaged by insects.Hi friends, please refrain from going to a massage chair that is shared.. Read More

When Mare chases down Freddie for burglarizing his sister Beths house, she sticks him in a cop car and runs down his options. His heat has been turned off for lack of payment, so he can either stay in his freezing house or he can stay at the local sh.. Read More

When it comes to bed bugs the majority of people are going to require the assistance of a professional to get any real results. Fishers residents now have a new reliable professional that they can call when facing a bed bug issue Bed Bug Busters. Th.. Read More

Whether it's a spider making its presence known by dropping down from the ceiling in your bedroom or a wasp zipping around your screened-in porch, the presence of an unwanted pest in your home can put even the bravest folks on edge. While seeing one .. Read More

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and calming oasis, a space where you can relax and unwind after a long day with a good novel and a lush scented candle, away from work stresses or family. Sometimes it can be hard to get settled if your surroundings .. Read More

BALTIMORE, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --In September 2019, Jessica Moore and Van Carroll Jr signed a lease on a second-floor apartment on East Pratt Street in Baltimore, Maryland.Soon, Jessica Moore experienced itchy swollen skin lesions. In December .. Read More

Bed bugs are a particular pest that people are not fond of finding in their home or business. These little hitchhikers get around easily and stealthily, often going unnoticed until they have had time to infest an area. Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialist.. Read More

This website is an outreach effort that seeks toincrease public awareness of bed bugs and effective strategies for managing them. Funding for the website was provided by a grant from The Ohio State University Extension Integrated Pest Management Prog.. Read More

Written by: A ONeill, Licensed Pest Management Professional Did you know 84% of pest control companies reported they get called out to treat a particular pest (people often think its fleas), only to find that its actually bed bugs?Its important to be.. Read More

John Downer/Getty Images Bed bugs are very difficult to spot, but you'll be able to notice three key signs of an infestation. John Downer/Getty ImagesBed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. Since they're less than a quarter of an inch l.. Read More

If you wake up in the middle of the nigh scratching itchy arms and legs, you may have a bed bug infestation. These small, reddish-brown bloodsucking pests can cause a number of health issues if they are not eliminated quickly.A single bug is no large.. Read More