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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vermont -- The isolation of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 lockdown has given me too much time to think and Ive gone back into my early childhood, rediscovering all those little things that only 5- and 10-year-olds think are important.M.. Read More

BREMERTON, Wash. The USS Connecticut, one of the most elite submarines in the Navy, is beset with a bed bug infestation. Efforts to quell the infestation on board the vessel, moored at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, are ongoing, a Navy spokeswoman con.. Read More

Sailors aboard Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut, one of the US Navy's most capable attack submarines, have been battling a bed bug infestation.Naval Submarine Force Pacific said in a statement that the Navy launched efforts to find and elimina.. Read More

The parasitic insects feed on human blood, so they're attracted to living spaces that home their hosts. Bed bugs detect where you are from the carbon dioxide you breathe out and your body heat. Panther Pest Control warned that the sneaky buggers can .. Read More

What is your most effective trick for keeping your home pest-free? The fight against pests can drain you physically, emotionally, and financially. Unfortunately, turning a blind eye increases your vulnerability to infection, sleep disturbance, and st.. Read More

Photo credit: sutteerug - Getty ImagesFrom Country LivingFrom cleaning your mattress topper to washing inner cushion pads, are you aware of the common cleaning myths surrounding mattresses and bedding?To help you uncover the dos and don'ts, the exper.. Read More

As part of a lockdown routine which includesdailyflushingofalltoiletsto prevent floodingintheir400-year-oldworkplace, staff atBlickling Hallin Norfolkhavespentthepandemicengaged in anotherconstant battle against damagethecontrol ofTineolabisselliella.. Read More

VIRUS OUTBREAK-WASHINGTON SCHOOLSAll Washington students to soon have in-class hybrid optionOLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says he will sign an emergency proclamation next week that requires all public schools to offer students an in.. Read More

A little of what you fancy does you good, said the old music hall song.Wise advice. And dont worry if your fancy doesnt stretch to vegan diets or running marathons in your back garden. Whatever your weakness it can be turned to a strength at the clic.. Read More

One of the U.S. Navy's most advanced and secretive submarines is battling an unusual foe: bed bugs. The service has downplayed the situation onboard the Seawolf class USS Connecticut, which is presently pier-side at its homeport in Washington State. .. Read More

Sailors aboard the fast-attack submarine USS Connecticut are in a pitched battle against an army of bloodsucking bastards known as bed bugs.Geoff Ziezulewicz of Navy Times first revealed that the boats crew has been tormented by the voracious vermin .. Read More

Bed bugs are often a hazard of urban living. Massive infestations of the critters have occasionally taken place in New York City, including in 2010 and again a decade later, although reportedly the coronavirus caused bedbugs to be less of a problem o.. Read More

A 37-year-old woman who lives in a Northampton flat infested with bed bugs has slammed the property managers for not fixing the issue, saying the lack of action is a "money-saving exercise". The woman, who wishes not to be named, has lived in St Mark.. Read More

From cleaning your mattress topper to washing inner cushion pads, are you aware of the common cleaning myths surrounding mattresses and bedding? To help you uncover the dos and don'ts, the experts at MattressNextDay have debunked nine of the most co.. Read More