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Pest control experts have warned that the end of lockdown is likely to mean large rat infestations.Firms say there has been a rise in residential callouts during the pandemic, as millions of Brits have been housebound for much of the last 12 months.W.. Read More

The first murder hornet was reported in the U.S. in Aug. 2019, but these creatures made headlines last year as more emerged amid the COVID pandemic. The pesky insects are a menace to humans, but they pose an even more significant threat to honey bees.. Read More

Sally Friedman| ColumnistThe last time I saw my father was at a family Passover Seder. I remember it well because the mood became fraught with disagreement.My fathers opinions, strong and passionate, met with argument and disapproval from a few relat.. Read More

The city of Chattanooga's homeless population is growing at an incredible rate. These are not Chattanoogans losing their homes. These are transients coming here because the word is out that Chattanooga is a good place to be homeless (we are a compass.. Read More

If you wake up in the morning with an itchy spot on your arm, you might have been a feast for some bed bugs while you were sleeping. Though you might assume your bites came from a more common offender like mosquitoes, there are certain signs that sug.. Read More

People generally dont like bugs. In fairness, this feeling isnt without cause. Throughout history, we have consistently dealt with insects and their relatives that like to use us as a food source. Phrases like sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite .. Read More

There's nothing worse than the first time you spot a cockroach in your kitchen. The creepy critter catches you off-guard while it's lounging on the bread you left outor, worse yet, landing on you from above. Experts say there are also more subtle sig.. Read More

This spring, 15 U.S. states will be overwhelmed by an onslaught of Brood X cicadas that have been underground for 17 years. Once trillions of these cicadas emerge, the male insects will make a loud noise in an effort to mate, and the creatures will s.. Read More

Koukichi Takahashi / EyeEmGetty ImagesCentipedes, often known as house centipedes, are fast-moving insects that have long bodies and many jointed legs. Not to be confused with millipedes, these wriggly creatures are famous for killing pests including.. Read More

A TikToker put a popular fast fashion brand on blast for shipping out its clothes with a little something extra inside: fleas.The viral video only exposes Pretty Little Thing, a U.K.-based retailer that puts out trendy attire aimed at young adults. P.. Read More

When youre shopping around for the best mattress, youll see countless ads talking up the use of memory foam. But what is a memory foam mattress exactly? And what are the pros and cons of buying one?In this article, well explain everything you need to.. Read More

Hamilton is beefing up its property standards bylaw so that landlords are responsible for more health and safety issues of their rental properties.City council's planning committeetold staff on Tuesday to amend the rules to cover gaps pointed out by .. Read More

From funky odors in the fridge to questionable scents coming from the basement, our sense of smell can warn us of potential danger. However, sometimes things we should be alerted to don't smell all that bad, which could make detecting them tricky. Th.. Read More