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Travel restrictions, social distancing, and border closures are all part of life during Covid-19. But those tough rules have had an unexpected benefit there are fewer bed bugs now, Canada's biggest pest controllers say. According to a rep.. Read More

Native to Europe and Africa, masked hunters are now widespread throughout North America. These fierce predators of insects and other arthropods get their name from a curious habit of coating, or masking, themselves with detritus and dust as a form of.. Read More

One of Canadaslargest pest control providers has released a new list that no city should be happy to top.Orkin Canada has released its listing of the 25 most afflicted bed bug cities in Canada.For those not in the know, bed bugs areparasiticinsectsof.. Read More

TORONTO -- Even with sightings down 20 per cent over last year, Canadas largest pest control company says that Toronto has topped the list of top bed bug cities in the country two years running.In a news release, Orkin Canada says that while Toronto .. Read More

SUDBURY -- A city in northern Ontario has topped a list that no one wants to be on, Orkin Canada's top 10 bed bug cities.Sudbury has taken the No. 2 spot behind Toronto for the most commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out by a Canad.. Read More

Good night. Sleep tight. Dont let the bedbugs bite! Well, if you live or travel to one of these cities in Canada, Orkin Canada says you have a higher chance of you getting up in the morning with nasty rashes.Bed bugs, the insects that live on the blo.. Read More

Eww.They may be creepy, crawly, and downright disgusting, but they are extremely common in Vancouver.Each year, pest control company Orkin complies itslist of top bed bug cities in Canada. The company determinedits latestrankings based on the number .. Read More

Congratulations, Toronto. we are once again the top bed bug city in Canada. Even with sightings down 20 per cent this year, Orkin Canada says that Toronto is still at the top of the list for the second year running. With bed bugs found in classrooms .. Read More

Holiday Inn on Rhode Island Avenue NW by Farragutful licensed under Creative Commons.A version of this article first appeared in Street Sense Media.Althea Thompson is a woman experiencing homelessness who transferred from the Harriet Tubman Womens .. Read More

Europe is thought of by many refugees escaping persecution, war, poverty, and violence as a place of safety, of Human Rights, of protection, security, and kindness. These narratives are further supported by the rhetoric of the European Commission tha.. Read More

Innovate UK-backed Vecotech Ltd has opened a new front in the war against bedbugs, in the form of its new product BugScents.BugScents is a novel pheromone-based bed bug lure with unique patented technology. It uses a globally patented formulation des.. Read More

Well known before the Second World War, bed bugs stopped roaming around at night in the 1950s. With the improvement of hygienic conditions and the advent of powerful insecticides, it was possible to eradicate them in developed countries.Bed BugIt was.. Read More

Far too many people willingly accept whatever drivel is meted out to them as irrefutable facts. Sadly, its now become fairly common for charlatans, demented, misguided, or attention-seeking nuts to don farcical faades virtually and splash rubbish all.. Read More

Warwick District Council has already received 30 pest control applications since the start of the year - more than one a day.An FOI request made by CoventryLive revealed the data, which includes residents reporting rats, mice and infestation of cockr.. Read More

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