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Posted: Oct 30, 2020 / 06:22 PM EDT / Updated: Oct 30, 2020 / 11:29 PM EDTNORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Two women filed a lawsuit Monday against a North Myrtle Beach resort claiming that they were bitten by bed bugs during a stay.Kassidy and Kenzie .. Read More

A number of students at Homerton's West House accommodation have complained of bedbug infestationsFranman247 Freshers at Homerton College have this week told Varsity of their distress at having to deal with bedbug infestations in their first weeks o.. Read More

This is a Sponsored Article written by BugFree Pest Control.Nature is beautiful. It has given us beautiful views, an abundance of resources, as well as many friends. We as humans have become accustomed to the many factors that nature has set for us, .. Read More

A Cubs fan, the "flower lady," husbands, wives, and more are part of the more than 1,400 Iowans lost COVID-19 as of early October 2020. Des Moines RegisterShawna Gilleland always ended nightly chats with her mother with the same fe.. Read More

NORFOLK - As we get closer to the holidays, more and more people travel resulting in the possibility of picking up bed bugs.University of Nebraska Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, and Antelope Counties Wayne Ohnesorg says bed bugs have become .. Read More

Whether youre the type of person who kills a cockroach on sight or one who scoops spiders up to release them outside, bugs are an unavoidable part of any college students life. Despite our innate aversion to creepy crawlies, there are plenty of bugs .. Read More

By June, things were looking up for Posey Bartol and Theresa Alexander, two actors who lost their jobs and their third roommate at the start of the pandemic. They had finally found someone to take over the empty bedroom in their Hamilton Heights apar.. Read More

In the average American home, there are around100 different kinds of bugs, including insects, spiders and mites. No matter how clean your home is, you are sharing it with many different creatures, but because most of them are out of sight and complet.. Read More

A young mum has spoken of her horror at being forced to live in a flat that is damp, moldy, has bed bugs and silverfish. Em Sandford and her 10-week-old baby moved into the temporary accommodation in September and says it's been "treated" twice in t.. Read More

An undated school photo of Shawna Gilleland.Shawna Gilleland always ended nightly chats with her mother with the same few phrases:"Good night. Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Love you and talk to you tomorrow."Although Shawna lived in a Bu.. Read More

A bed bug! Credit: pexels.comDid you know that the average home has over 100 species of bugs? While this mightbe alarming, youll be pleased to know that for mostbugs, theyre harmless and wont cause harm to you, your family, furniture, or property.How.. Read More

A medical examiner is still working on the autopsy reports for two elderly residents of an Augusta personal care home who were found dead, but three of their four fellow residents who were hospitalized Sunday have been released and are now in their f.. Read More

There are a bunch of reasons you might be on the market for a good waterproof mattress protector. Maybe you like to drink your coffee (or glass of wine?) in bed and are prone to accidents. Or maybe you have a toddler still working through the bedwett.. Read More

Phoebe Cohen, Scarlet StaffOctober 23, 20201. Bed Bugged OutBig Bens got some questionable habits when it comes to its bedside. According to several hygiene experts and a study conducted in Britain, Hammonds Furniture organized a survey with approxi.. Read More