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Which Are OK and Which to Get Rid OfYou must be aware of this. Although invisible, bugs do exist in your home. A study showed that the average American home features up to 100 species of insects. Considering that this category makes up 75% of life on.. Read More

Persistence Market Research delivers key insights on theU.K. and Germany bed bugs control services marketin its upcoming outlook titled, U.K. and Germany Market Study on Bed Bug Control Services: Chemical Control Service Type Segment Expected to Gain.. Read More

Bed bug feeding on human skin. (Photo by: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images) TUCSON, Ariz. - Officials say Tucson City Hall had been bugged for several months with bedbugs that is.The Arizona Daily Starreportsofficials said it took nearly th.. Read More

DENVER A new year not only means new beginnings but also the start of several new laws in Colorado. Heres a rundown of the new laws going into effect starting Jan. 1.Extreme Risk Protection Order (also know as the Red Flag law)This is by far one of .. Read More

Hotel stays see guests looked after for the duration of their holidays. Some hotels can be very sumptuous indeed while others cater for a lower budget. However, no matter what youve paid for your accommodation theres one thing you should never do in .. Read More

Its possible that after three tries and three fails the magic key has at last been found to gain city approval to develop the 1.9-acre, trapezoidal-shaped property on Big Bend Boulevard just west of South Geyer Road.The Kirkwood City Council on Dec.. Read More

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) Between family visits and getaways, germs may not be the only thing you need to worry about bringing home.Be on the lookout for bed bugs.The bugs are known for hitch-hiking and can travel on you and your items.Pest control .. Read More

Tucson City HallFor several months inside Tucson City Hall, small insects that feast off of the blood of humans thrived on the fourth floor.More specifically, bed bugs.It took nearly three months for contractors to rid the municipal building of the p.. Read More

By Bill PrimaveraDuring the holiday season, my workload as a realtor slows down a bit and I get to spend more time cuddled up in my wonderful bed, featuring the most comfortable of mattresses.Thats exactly what Ive been doing the past few days as I s.. Read More

We often think of evolution as an imperceptible, gradual change over time. But consider animals that have evolved right before our eyes: bugs, fish, birds and more. The degree and speed of change varies, depending on environmental conditions and the .. Read More

Midland resident Audrey Mills works to clean out trash bins at Grove Tea Lounge as part of her new business, Better Bins, Wednesday in Midland. (Katy Kildee/ resident Audrey Mills works to clean out trash bins at Grove Tea Loun.. Read More

Before going to sleep at night, I would tear my bed apart removing one layer of bedding at a time to examine every fold and indentation. Id lift the mattress, rip off the pillowcases, inspect around the box springs and in the bug traps set around th.. Read More

YOU should never sit on the upholstered chairs in a hotel room - as they are hiding much more bacteria and dirt than you think.Even if they look clean, they could be housing bed bugs, viruses and mould.2Experts have explained that because they are ha.. Read More

For a small staff, the news team at Phoenix New Times gets big results. From running sexual predators out of town, to getting accused pedophiles out of office, to sparking a series of government investigations into corrupt companies putting people's .. Read More