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NHS staff from GPs to nurses, surgeons to pharmacists have shown incredible resilience throughout the pandemic.But while we have heard heartbreaking stories from Covid sufferers and their families, there can be a lighter side to working in medicine too.Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book The Secret Doctor, GP Max Skittle recalls some of the funniest and most touching moments from his time working at an inner-city surgery.Ive an enormous Friday feeling. Its 1pm and Im on a half-day today.One last patient to see and then Im back hom

By: Josh Sens September 17, 2021 Don't guzzle all your beer! It can help protect your yard. getty imagesHewwo, ACME Pest Contwol? I have a pest I need contwolled.So said Elmer Fudd, and he wasnt alone.Unwanted invaders represent a constant challenge for

Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed.EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- A motel in Eureka is shut down and the tenants evicted, following a list of health and safety code violations.On Tuesday, September 14, the Eureka Police Departments Problem Oriented Policing team served a search warrant at the Royal Inn in Eureka in response to reports of drugs and weapons.When police arrived at the inn, they noticed that there was only one staircase that could be used and thats when the citys code enforcement got involved.This started with a crimi

Separate clean clothes from dirtyBed bugs are more attracted to dirty clothes than to clean clothes, Vicki pointed out.While youre not likely to head to the laundrette on a week-long vacation, there is a way to separate the dirty clothes from the clean clothes in your case.Vicki said: When packing for a trip, make sure to take a spare plastic bag for your dirty clothing, and knot it each time you add to it.If you do wash clothes on holiday and you share laundry facilities with others, take extra caution.Vicki explained: When you transport your

Even if spiders, snakes, rats, or mice don't make you jump, bed bugs are the one pest even the bravest individuals hope never to tussle with. These bloodsuckers not only make themselves at home in your most sacred of spaces, they're difficultand expensiveto get rid of. However, there may be one factor in your fight against bed bugs that you have some control over, according to research: your bedding. Read on to discover which sheet colors could be making your sleeping space a haven for bed bugs.RELATED: 5 Things You're Buying That Bring Bed Bug

The mere thought of bed bugs probably makes your skin crawl. These tiny insects can be hard to detect and even more challenging to get rid of. Although you can take action to ensure bed bugs don't nest in your home, it's more difficult to know if a hotel or rental house you're staying in doesn't have themand that's especially the case in a handful of popular U.S. vacation destinations, including one that was recently named the most bed bug-infested city in the country.RELATED:This Popular Summer Destination Has Become a Bed Bug Epicenter.On Sep

Bed bugs are considered a common pest in the UKand tend to thrive in Spring, Summer and early Autumn. Experts warn that London homes provide a great living condition for them because of the typical UK weather and temperatures. Smell is one of the best indicators warning you may have an infestation on your hands.RaspberriesMany people have described the smell of a bed bug infestation as something similar to spoiled raspberries.Arrow Extermination added: You will sometimes hear a person describe the bed beg smell as something similar to the smell

The number of households infested with cockroaches and bedbugs has rocketed following the easing of restrictions on foreign travel.est controllers said the resumption of non-essential trips abroad over the summer is behind the sharp rise in cases they have been tackling across Ireland as holidaymakers unwittingly transport the insects back home in their luggage.Trevor Hayden, who runs nationwide service Complete Pest Control, said cockroach and bedbug infestations have been dominating his teams workload since people began travelling overseas re

Learning how to dispose of a mattress isnt hard and there are now more ways than ever to do it without harming the planet. The very best mattresses are designed to last around eight years on average (some have a longer lifespan), which means that at various points in your life youll be faced with getting rid of an old mattress to make way for a new one. Here we look at how to dispose of a mattress in the US and the UK, with options for free disposal, recycling, and charity donation.The good news is that there are several environmentally friendl

An industry-leading company in pest, termite, mosquito and bed bug control services has concluded which major cities have the most bed bugs.Terminix Global Holdings listed, between Jan. 1 and Aug. 20, the top cities that have the most bed bugs, with Los Angeles ranking No. 1.The next on the list of bed bug infestations out of the top five cities: Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York City.America is changing faster than ever! Add Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news.Among Terminixs top 50 list, A

LavenderLavender is a fantastic natural remedy for keeping creepy crawlies out because while the scent repels them, it makes your home smell calm and comforting.This is a particularly popular deterrent for moths, who like to nestle in your wardrobes and drawers.Put a small sachet of dried lavender in your drawers, and in your wardrobes, to make your clothes smell nice while keeping moths at bay.You can also put a few drops of lavender oil into a spray bottle with water to make a natural room spray that repels moths, flies and mosquitoes.Pepperm

TEXOMA (KFDX/KJTL) Missed the news this week? Take a look at the top headlines around the area.An administrative-legal mixup resulting from two judges setting bond conditions on the same murder suspect means he will remain out of jail despite two alleged violations of his house arrest or curfew rules. Click here to read the full story. A 39-year-old Wichita Falls mother is arrested after police said she forced her son to run out of the house without any clothes on to escape her assault with a clothes hanger. Click here to read the full story.T

My great-grandmothers book, The Successful Housekeeper, published in 1886, contains everything a homemaker needed to know, and more. Its instructions for hostessing a garden party, written in high-flown language, might give readers a lopsided, even downright false, view of 19th century middle-class daily life. The amusingly frivolous description of a garden party is balanced, however, with information taken from other chapters of the same book. The lives of women like my great grandmother, Nellie Richardson Clizbe, were not all tutti frutti in

Early childhood education expert Nancy Pine was giving a talk last week about her remarkable new book, One in a Billion: One Mans Remarkable Odyssey through Modern-Day China, when she veered off into an interesting digression.Her story centers on her friend An Wei, who she met early on during her decades of travel to the Peoples Republic to do academic research on Chinese schooling. Hes not a famous man. But she saw in his life of enormous struggle from eating bark and twigs during one of several periods of famine in the country to acting as t