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Its not an assault from a person or a dangerous weapon. It can happen while youre enjoying a sublime day, minding your own business, from something so small its invisible to the naked eye and youd need a microscope to see it.Coming from North Jersey, I was familiar with a plethora of spring and summer pests: gnats, flies, mosquitoes and ticks, but now that Im living in Little Egg Harbor, this one caught me by surprise.One May afternoon, my husband and I planted six willow bushes in our backyard bordering the woods. He dug the holes. I lowered t

May 16Bedbug infestations at public housing properties managed by Meadville Housing Authority are down significantly since last fall but will likely continue as "a minor problem" as long as tenants spread the pests to one another through visits, an agency official told board members last week.A Holland Towers resident, meanwhile, told the board that any level of bedbugs is unsettling and argued that the intractability of the problem stems from specific tenants using common areas, not from general visitation patterns.In a monthly update on insec

"In the last four years it has exploded. Its like a hockey stick graph and its phenomenal the amount of calls Im getting for roaches.You might have heard the make-your-skin-crawl rumours recently of a restaurant infested with cockroaches in Prince George.What? Theres no cockroaches here, are there?Absolutely yes, there are cockroaches in Prince George.They are a carry-in pest so that means they come in from other parts of the world on peoples clothes, in their luggage, or in cargo shipped here.Most pests from Timbuktu that get imported to Canad

It's that time of year again when bed bugs invade homes across the UK - but you needn't suffer if you follow these handy tipsImage: Getty Images/iStockphoto) Its that time of year again where those pesky bed bugs like to make themselves known to us. And the cost-of-living crisis makes them potentially even more of a menace, with many of us unwittingly bringing them into our home via second-hand furniture. As a result, experts at MatressNextDay are urging people to thoroughly check items before buying. Moving between homes is very easy for the

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) Storm season and warmer weather have settled over the High Plains in recent weeks. While those may bring much-needed rain or comfortable days to spend on local activities and attractions, the summer can also mean an influx of bugs and other pests. What are some of the most common pests in the High Plains? Which ones are dangerous? Where are they found? Texas A&M Universitys AgriLife Extension has published not only a field guide, but multiple reports regarding insects and other pests found around the High Plains. My

With the rise in nightly lodgings and short-term rentals in Summit County, staffers are considering new ways to regulate the units and ease their growing concerns.Over the past four years, Utah has experienced a 38.4% increase in short-term rentals and Summit County tops the list with the highest percentage of nightly units in the state, according to a report from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute of the University of Utah. Representatives from the Summit County Attorneys Office shared the research with the Summit County Council on Wednesday

Clay, K., Holah, J. & Rudgers, J. A. Herbivores cause a rapid increase in hereditary symbiosis and alter plant community composition. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 102, 1246512470 (2005).ADS CAS PubMed PubMed Central Article Google Scholar Boettcher, K. J., Ruby, E. G. & McFall-Ngai, M. J. Bioluminescence in the symbiotic squid Euprymna scolopes is controlled by a daily biological rhythm. J. Comp. Physiol. A 179, 6573 (1996).Article Google Scholar Douglas, A. E. Le

Many Irish tourists could be rejected from entering European hotspots like Spain and Portugal if their Covid status does not meet the requirements.While Covid may still seem like a thing of the past, your Digital Covid Cert is still required to get into these countries - or tests if you've opted against vaccines.And with many people now close to a year on from their first jab, their certs could be expired by the time they jet off on summer holidays.Read more: Irish holidaymakers urged to know tell-tale signs of bed bugs this summerBoth Spain an

You may not have thought about it before, but youll spend a significant percentage of your lifetime asleep in your bed. Naturally, that means its going to get dirty as it collects dirt, dead skin cells, and bodily fluids over time, even if you dont notice it on a daily basis. But a dirty mattress will eventually become unpleasant to sleep on, especially if accompanied by stains and odors.Fortunately, there are steps you can take to remove stubborn stains and smells to allow you to rest more peacefully.While cleaning a mattress can be fairly str

Democracy is so darn messy and slow. Plus, members of the other party are the devils spawn, or so some would have us believe.There are people in this country who wish things could be done easier and quicker, like, you know, making the trains run on time. They think America would be better off if their party were in charge all the timeand if everyone watched the same network news station that they watched exclusively.And atop that one triumphant party would be a strongman or strongwoman to get things done, just like the CEO of some giant company

Rentokil, Irelands leading pest control provider, is warning Irish holidaymakers to be on the lookout for the presence of bed bugs as they return from their holidays.A common cause of the spread of bed bugs is the transportation of the pests through clothing and other baggage, so a hotel or rental accommodations bed bug problem can easily become an issue in your own home. These pests feed on human blood, usually when homeowners are asleep, andbed bug bites can become sore and itchyin some cases.Rentokil has recorded a 40% increase in callouts t

A PEST expert has told the horrifying conditions a blind man endured as his home FILLED with bedbugs.Stuart Halliday, 42, owner of Kill and Cure Pest Control, says the situation was the worst he has seen during his 26 years working in the business.333Footage shows thousands of the parasitic creatures festering in a mattress cover belonging to the anonymous man in 70s.Stuart told The Sun: He was homeless and was brought into a warden controlled home. He was technically blind but he could see light and dark.He had literally nothing when he was mo

You may have said "sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite" at least a few times in your life without thinking much of it, but spoiler: bed bugs are a real thing. According to the CDC, bed bugs are "small, flat, parasitic insects that feed solely on the blood of people and animals while they sleep."Its easy to see why you wouldnt sleep soundly with these pests around. Bad news first: bed bugs can be found all over the country, even in fancy hotels sometimes, and they can travel with you by hitchhiking in the folds of your clothes or luggage. Th

Fumigation services are an essential part of any pest control plan. They are designed to control many household pests and infestations, including spiders, wasps, and termites. Fumigation services also remove odor-causing bacteria and other contaminants that cause allergic reactions or cause serious health problems. In addition, these services are helpful for people with respiratory issues. They should be applied before these people come into contact with the contaminated environment. The Fumigation Services Market research study provides a con