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Giovanna Scarpa moved into the apartment building at 215 Markham Rd. in Scarborough exactly 14 years ago, and she said she's been dealing with a constant lack of proper heating in her home ever since.The Toronto tenant told blogTO she loves her apartment and her community, adding that she couldn't afford to move out even if she wanted to, but she said the units in the CAPREIT-run building are consistentlybelow the City of Toronto's legal minimum required temperature of 21 C."Every year we haveproblems with the heating," she said. "It's not fair

MEMPHIS, Tenn. A troubled Memphis high rise went through management changes in recent years. But a WREG Problem Solvers investigation found the issues at Serenity at Highland have not improved.Minnie Fisher is one of the many people weve spoken with over the years living at Serenity at Highland.I was upset and then I started to cry. Thats all I can do, she said.In 2017, the owners, Global Ministries Foundation, agreed to let new management take over. Ohio-based The Millenia Companies also planned to buy the property, which gave high hopes for

Dealing with pest infestations in your home can be stressful. While there are plenty of exterminators that can use toxic chemicals to rid you of your problem, sometimes you want a less harmful solution. Luckily, there are some DIY, eco-friendly methods and natural products that can effectively keep pests out of your home. Below, we're discussing some easy-to-use, natural pest control options for the most common household pests.Bed bugs are among the most prevalent pests to infest homes, and they're among the most stressful for homeowners to man

A VULNERABLE mother said she fears she will be left homeless after being told that the council is no longer able to continue housing her. Natalie Holland, 40, is currently living in temporary accommodation but she has been told by Brighton and Hove City Council that she will have to leave her current address on March 31 in line with government guidance. The mother-of-one has been living in Westbourne Villas in Hove, since September 2020 and said she cannot afford to rent a private property after being made redundant from her job as a fitnes

A shocking survey has revealed Leeds is one of the UK's top spots for bed bugs as residents infrequently wash their bedding.Research from online bed and mattress retailer Bed SOS, states that residents of the city wash their bed sheets every 2.8 weeks on average - making it number 10 on the UKs dust mite hotspots.Sheffield was listed as number two with people washing bed sheets on average every 3.7 weeks and number one was Manchester with a 4.8 weeks average.Experts recommend that bedding is washed once a week but 67 per cent of Brits put off t

Most people have a place where they keep their masks handy. A nightstand. A glove compartment in a car. For Luke Pyenson, it's a plastic hook stuck on the wall by his front door. But last week, as he went to grab his mask to accept a delivery, he spotted a big cockroach snuggling right where his mouth and nose would have gone.I was going to say I gasped, but my girlfriend wanted it to be on record that I did scream, said Pyenson who lives in Crown Heights.Living in New York City means making peace with encountering the occasional cockroach, but

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In these troubled times, many of us are having difficulty sleeping and are storing up large sleep debts of insomnia, says Dr Miriam Stoppard.What are the symptoms? Insomnia takes many forms. You lie awake at night, wake up several times during the night, find it hard to go to sleep, wake up early and cant go back to sleep, still feel tired after waking up, find it hard to nap, find it difficult to concentrate during the day, and feel tired and irritable too.What causes it? We think of sleep as easy but it isnt. Many things put us off - noise, a

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WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (February 16, 2021)SaniSnooze, a subsidiary of, has launched a mattress specifically created for users suffering with bedwetting and nighttime incontinence. Research shows that over 5 million children and 25 million adults suffer from some sort of urinary incontinence in just the United States alone. SaniSnoozes mission is to get children, adults and individuals with disabilities back to sleep faster and keep their mattress core clean and dry all night long.For decades consumers have struggled to find a pr

A Toronto resident group fighting a wave of evictions in the Crescent Town neighbourhood delivered a mesage to their landlord Mondayin the form of live roachescaught in their own homes.Seventeen familiesare currently facing evictions from their apartments at Crescent Place,a trio of buildings owned by Pinedale Properties.On Valentine's Day, members of Crescent Place's tenants association andcommunity organization People's Defence Toronto visited the home of Robin Bookbinder, VPof Finance of the property group, demandingan end to eviction applic

Cleanipedia analysed the data of more than 430 000 pest observations from biodiversity database iNaturalist, to find out the most commonly reported insects across South Africa that are known to cause damage to clothes, fabric and surfaces, and the structures of homes. According to the research, unpacked at, they found KwaZulu-Natal is one of the provinces in South Africa with the highest number of unique home-invading insects, with 80 different species being reported. 185 different species of insects

Feb 13, 2021 If you were to confide in a friend that youve seen dust-bunnies under the bed come to life, and that you think masked hunters have been stalking you at night inside your house, well, hopefully thats a REAL good friend. Of course theyd feel a lot better once you explained that masked hunters are a type of assassin bug belonging to the order Hemiptera (true bugs).Native to Europe and Africa, masked hunters are now widespread throughout North America. These fierce predators of insects and other arthropods get their name from a curiou

Mary Jo Pitzl|Arizona RepublicFoster care ends abruptly when a youth turns18.Once young people in state care hit that age, they're legally free of the system and many foster youth are more than eager to depart.Naketa Ross was one of them when she left her foster placement in Chicago 23years ago. It was a big mistake.I was homeless for a while and then I begged the state to take me back on," Ross said, after enduring bed bugs and a stay in a women's shelter.I didnt have the skill set to transition into adulthood.The guidance she got when she re

Are you ready to start living a laundry-free life? An entrepreneur from St Paul, Minnesota, pitched his innovative self-cleaning bedding on Shark Tank, designed so a person can sleep comfortably all year round without having to change the sheets.The company behind Jax Sheets is HercLon and it believes the future of clothing is laundry-free! Presenting reusable, eco-friendly, more comfortable bed sheets, Jax Sheets believes the new lifestyle will work magic.All set to lead the human race towards this cleaner, more eco-friendly, and less time-was

This is one superlative no one wants their city to win. Pest control company Orkin recently released its Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list, compiled with data of the places where Orkin performed the most treatments for bed bugs from December 2019 through November 2020. The reality is that bed bugs have shown up in cities and towns all across America, from mansions to cramped apartments. Theyve been increasing in number in the United States since the turn of the century due to increased travel and limitations on certain insecticides, but numbers have b