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Its the stuff of holiday nightmares; arriving in your hotel to discover that other guests arrived before you, and that they bite. Paris is back in the bed bug headlines but is the city really any different than other metropolitan areas in suffering an increase? As the city launches a hotline, heres a run down on what you need to know and why its happening.Bed bug feeding on human skin. Bed bugs were almost wiped out in the 1950s after increased use of pesticides and insect repellants including DDT. Almost ten years ago, Scientific American repo

A TUI resort has been crowned the "hotel from hell" amid claims of food poisoning, bed bugs and a beach with waves so dangerous it's impossible to swim in.Horrified Brit holidaymakers claim they were promised the perfect beach getaway but instead say they were faced with the "worst hotel ever" at Hotel Riu Touareg, in Cape Verde.7One young woman even claimed she had been groped by a bell boy during her birthday trip to the hotel resort as TUI launched an investigation.The Sun Online can today reveal the extent of the complaints made against the

The French government launched a campaign Thursday, complete with an emergency number, to combat an influx of unwelcome visitors that have left Parisians in despair: bedbugs that have settled in homes and hotels to feed, uninvited, on human blood.After disappearing from France in the 1950s, the insects have made a resurgence, according to the ministry of housing, which cited international travel and growing resistance to insecticide as the main causes.We can all be affected, the government warned on a webpage dedicated to the problem, complete

In response to this unwelcome resergence, the French government launched an anti-bedbug campaign Thursday, which includes a dedicated website and an information hotline."We can all be affected," reads the website, which provides information on "strict measures" to prevent the spread of the small, flattened insects, which are about the same size as an apple seed.Bedrooms and living rooms with sofas are at particular risk, and the insects prefer to live in dark areas, the website continues.The parasites -- whose scientific name is Cimex lectulari

DALLAS, Texas The Dallas Police Department is keeping a close eye on its northeast and southeast substations after bed bugs were reported in both locations by officers.According to the department, officers in the Southeast Patrol Division reported seeing bed bugs in the front office towards the end of January and the beginning of February.On Feb. 6, a pest extermination company was brought in to fumigate the reported area.A few days later, the department said that another sighting of bed bugs was reported at the substation.The building was eva

LANCASTER, Ohio Just like dogs that can sniff to detect explosives or narcotics, there are dogs that are trained to have a nose for bed bugs."Bed bugs are just a horrible problem," Mike Posey said.Posey is part owner of M2 Bed Bugs out of Lancaster. The company has been around for the last eight years and its dogs Turbo, Sarge and Scamp have sniffed all four corners of the state and everywhere in between. They've even made trips to West Virginia and Kentucky because Posey says the need is there.Advertisement - Story continues below"Our January

Families at Magee Elementary School have rallied to raise money to help three families get their homes treated for bedbugs(Photo: Submitted)Magee Elementarycommunity members have rallied to help three families raise funds needed to heat treat their homes for bedbugs.A GoFundMe page for the fundraiser shows that $4,115 has been raised. According to the page, the treatments are costly, typically ranging from $1,500 to more than $4,500, based onthe size of a home."It is time for us torally together to support families in our schoolwho have had the

Please enable Javascript to watch this videoWAUKESHA -- Bed bugs can be hard to spot and even tougher to get rid of. The City of Waukesha Fire Department has a new tool to fight the problem -- and make sure every ambulance is clean.Kira Benkert is getting an ambulance ready for the day's first patient -- including making sure there aren't any unwanted passengers: bed bugs."It certainly is a growing problem, not only in Waukesha but in the whole metro area," said Joseph Hoffman, City of Waukesha Fire Department Assistant Chief.During the end of

5 items in this article 2 items on sale! Photo: Comedy Central Ask most city dwellers about their deepest fears, and bedbugs probably rank pretty high on the list. Whether you live in a penthouse or a garden apartment, bedbugs dont discriminate, and can drive you insane if they manage to infiltrate your space. Thats why its important to take proper precautions when trying to prevent (or deal with) an infestation. One of those precautions is to g

Pests cockroaches, bedbugs, and mice appeared to be on the risein Toronto Community Housing buildings last year, according to two new reports.In one document, the public housing agency's staff say demand for pest control treatments jumped almost 18 per cent in 2019, compared to the previous year.Andthe problems became more acute as the year wore on, according to a separate TCH report.None of which comes as a surprise to Catherine Wilkinson, a 20-year TCH resident who until recently was a tenant representative on the board."Some tenants are actu

COLORADO SPRINGS It's a situation you hope you never have to deal with, but more and more of our neighbors are waking up to find evidence of bedbugs. News5 spoke with a local exterminator who is working to raise awareness and to help find the bedbugs before they find you. Right now bedbugs are a problem here at home in Colorado and in all 50 states. Back in the 80s, bedbugs were almost eliminated in the U.S., but exterminators say the chemical that was used to kill them was also harmful to people, so it was later banned by the feds. Now the be

Simple and easy precautions that will help prevent bed bug infestation in your homeFamiliarize yourself with what a bed bug and a bed bug infestation look like so that you can avoid interacting with an active infestation.Check secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for any signs of bed bugs infestation before bringing them home.Every time you change your bed linens, you should look for signs of bed bugs. Check linens for bugs and blood spots. Inspect your mattress, paying close attention to the folds, tufts, and seams. Look for live bedbugs, f

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EASTERN CAROLINA, N.C. (WITN) - From drug busts to hunting down criminals, you can count on them to help make Eastern Carolina a safer place, but here's the catch. They don't get to carry guns or handcuffs while they work. These superheroes are called Police K-9s.Patrol dogs, better known as K-9s, are specifically trained to assist law enforcement. They can be taught to sniff out drugs and bombs, locate suspects, find weapons, and more. Rocky is a Patrol K-9 for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office. His handler, Deputy Nathan Edwards, says Rocky'

GRENADA, Calif. The tenants of an apartment complex in the Siskiyou County town of Grenada were scrambling to find a new place to live after they were evicted and found that their building had been condemned.The building at 6040 Siskiyou Boulevard houses about a dozen units. Former residents of the apartments there said that they had filed reports with the County Health Department due to plumbing issues, mold, bed bugs, mice and insect infestations in at least some of the units.Complaints or requests to the building's management for repairs or