Bed Bug Products
GreenClean Dissolvable Laundry Bags

Storage or Disposal Bag

GreenClean Dissolvable Laundry Bags for use in bed bug management plans. Dissolvable laundry bags have been used in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. Now the step of washing your clothes becomes simple and bed bug free. The GreenClean line of water soluble bio-degradable laundry bags makes the process of transporting your clothes from your luggage to the washing machine a simple one-step process. GreenClean laundry bags are safe for washing machines and for all washable clothing, including delicate items. They also leave no residue behind on either the washing machine or the clothing. GreenClean laundry bags also come in two convenient sizes, one for top-loading machines and one for front-loading machines. Simply place your clothes into a GreenClean bag, tie the bag with the attached dissolvable tie strip, walk to your laundry machine and drop the bag into the machine, add your normal detergent and set the cycle to hot laundering and turn the washer on. The bags are bio-degradable once dissolved, safe for your washer and leave no residue on clothes. It is even safe to use on delicate items. Also great for soiled linens or clothing..