Bed Bug Pillow Case Protective Covers

Bedbug DatabaseProtect A Bed Pillow Covers are new way to not only protect your mattress and box spring but also your pillows. Due to the fact that your face is always on your pillows and is touching all night long you want to protect you skin from bed bug discharges as well as many other. Protect A Bed Pillow Covers are also helpful for people who have dust allergy, with will help prevent dust mites also prevent a lot the dust debris. Complete your set by covering your pillows as well.

If you have both the mattress and box spring encasement the it is suggested for you to purchase the Protect A Bed Pillow covers. This will give you the full protection you need. Spraying and locking the pillows inside the Protect A bed pillow case will better if you still have infested areas. Since the Protect A Bed Pillow cover are all white it will make investigations for infestations and treatment a lot easier Protect A Bed Pillow Cases are not only to treat infestations but also to prevent, having the encasements and the pillow case will future treatments a lot easier, all you would need to do is take off the encasements and wash them under really hot water. One suggestion we have is to spray the mattress, box spring, and pillow with bed bug control products either is there is an infestation or not to prevent and kill bed bug before encasing.

Bedbug Protected Pillow Cover

Bedbug DatabaseOur bed bug products allow you to keep the infested mattress and prevent its re infestation. Barrier mattress covers and treated mattress covers will rid the mattress from the bedbug and its eggs from reproducing. The bedbug is either trapped or killed for a length of time until it can no longer reproduce. It is important to follow the directions on the package label for best results.

Place barrier covers on your mattresses and pillows and keep intact for over 6 months. To order covers: Click Here for Bedbug Covers. Start with new pillows and duvet covers. Click Here for Bedding. Consider a Bedbug spray product: Click Here for Bedbug Spray.over your mattress with a treated cover which lasts up to 2 years. Click Here for Treated Bedbug Covers.

Vinyl Encasements are an inexpensive way to lock out bed bugs. The zippered covers surround the entire mattress box springs and pillows and prevent the bugs from living in the soft mattress. Vinyl Encasements are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and come in various depths and sizes to snuggly accommodate your mattress. Standard 3 Gauge Fitted Vinyl Mattress Covers - Twin Size are a great value and meet everyday needs. For heavy-duty institutional quality covers, choose the thicker Vinyl Mattress Protector 6 Gauge - Zippered (9' depth) Queen Size. Vinyl is not breathable, so is most comfortable if a mattress pad and bedding is used over it.


Bedbug DatabasePremium Waterproof Mattress Cover - King Size - use a polyurethane barrier layer instead of vinyl. Because polyurethane is breathable, it allows for the dissipation of body heat while preventing bed bugs from moving in to or out of a mattress. The thin terry cotton top layer allows for a comfortable sleep, with only a sheet placed over it. These are the same type of protective mattress encasements used by many upscale hotels and can be easily machine washed. Some users find that using vinyl protection on the box springs and the more comfortable premium encasement on their mattress is an economical way to have the ultimate mattress protection.

Allergy Sentry Pillow Protector

Terry Fabric Construction with Anti-Microbial Treatment; Zippered Closure

Pillow Protector

Allergy Sentry Pillow Protector

  • • Breathable fabric allows air to penetrate and body heat to pass through, providing a cool sleep surface
  • • Durable, lightweight fabric allows for easy laundering with bed linens
  • • Super absorbent toweling quickly soaks up fluids or spills
  • • Waterproof to repel moisture and protect your pillows
  • • Provides a dust mite and allergen barrier between you and your pillows
  • • Reduces dust mites in your pillow by cutting off their food source
  • • Zippered closure for full encasement



Available Sizes

Suggested Retail


21" x 31"



21" x 37


Another important aspect of protective beddings that most people tend to forget is the pillow case covers. These pillow cases of yours also have to be covered properly to ensure that bed bugs are kept out. You can choose to invest in pillow case covers and you also have the option of buying new pillows and then encasing them. What is more, it is ideal to note that these bed bug pillow case protection items are only effective as long as they are not torn and for this reason, you should always ensure that they are well taken care of. To top it all off, the most appealing factor about these items is that they have been approved by many bed bug experts and health boards as an important measure that people should not overlook when fighting the bed bug menace. Whether prevention, after treatment or long term vigilance against bed bugs, make sure your box spring, mattress and pillow cases are all properly shielded.

Don’t Inadvertently Spread Bed Bugs

As discussed in other sections, the biggest reason why bed bugs are spreading so rapidly is people make the wrong decision to try and solve the problem themselves without the help of a professional bed bugs exterminator. If you need help with getting rid of your bed bugs contact us to direct you to one of our local bed bug pest control exterminator expert specialists.

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