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  Vancouver Bed Bug Registry Maps
  Monday 24th of September 2018 19:15 PM

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Zoom In on the above map using the map controls for more detail, and select an incident by clicking on it for address details.

Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

We Clean Bed Bugs Vancouver

by simmons ·

My name is Christian Gilbert, im a landlord that had to deal with many bed bugs issues in the past which were never resolved with the solutions of the competitions. The treatment of the competition were expensives and did not get rid of bed bugs. I did my research, studied the art of Bed Bugs Extermination with a Doctor in Entymology from California and designed a efficient and affordable bed bugs extermination service for Vancouver and Lower Mainland. We Clean Bed Bugs Vancouver is the result. As myself a client, the most important is to offer :

We offer Pest Control services for Vancouver and Lower Mainland for : Ants, Bed Bugs, Birds, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Dust Mites, Fleas, Flies, Rodents, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, Spider, Termites, Wasp.

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We Clean Bed Bugs Vancouver

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs | Kill Bed Bugs | Terminix Canada

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Instead of using toxins to kill bed bugs, our bed bug heat treatment takes advantage of bed bugs’ one true weakness – their inability to stand extreme temperatures – getting rid of bed bugs by overloading them with steady heat. Best of all, it does this without adversely affecting your home or belongings, since the temperature required to kill bed bugs is relatively low to humans.

There is considerable documentation citing the temperature and time correlations necessary to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Several sources report that adults and nymphs die within 15 minutes at temperatures greater than 113F, and eggs within an hour at the same temperature. Raising room temperatures above the bed bug thermal death point and maintaining that temperature for several hours can eliminate an entire bedbug infestation in one fell swoop, without necessitating the use of dangerous chemicals.

The temperature required to kill bed bugs and their eggs falls well within the temperature ranges achieved by our heat treatment for bed bugs.

The low thermal death point of bed bugs allows a Terminix bed bug exterminator to adapt our process to yout building and its contents, while still effectively killing bed bugs onsite. Unlike pesticides, bed bug heat treatments penetrate furniture and crevices, and kill bed bugs where they reside. Our process forces heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, and wall cavities, leaving no place for bed bugs to run – a true bed bug killer.

Since our bed bug heat treatments kill entire bed bug infestations, including eggs and bed bugs concealed in furniture and mattresses, a single bed bug killer treatment can render additional bed bug extermination visits unnecessary, saving you time and money.

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs | Kill Bed Bugs | Terminix Canada

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Bed Bugs Removal & Treatment – Pacific NW Pest Control …

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Pest Entry: Bed bugs come from a variety of places, some come from the outdoors and others are generally found in-doors. They can be, and often are, brought in on people and household pets.

Environment: Most biting insects like bed bugs need a host to survive. This means they can survive a variety of environments but are often found in moderate climates.

Reproduction: Bed bugs and other biting pests can become a problem very quickly as they may go unnoticed for some time. Small bites and skin irritations are usually quickly written off as mosquito bites or the occasional spider bite. In some cases, people do not have any reaction to these bites and may not even know that they have a problem.

Health Concerns: These pests can cause a variety of symptoms from itchy bites and allergic reactions, to serious illness in the case of certain bed bugs. Reoccurring bite marks or skin irritations should be treated by a medical professional and a thorough inspection should be done on the home to inspect for these pests.

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Bed Bugs Removal & Treatment – Pacific NW Pest Control …

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Bedbug Registry: Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

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Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

February 01

1251 Cardero St Moved into furnished suite on 4th floor September 2015.

January 28

1748 E Pender St Hello, I’ve lived here for two years this March and

January 27

621 E 7th Ave I had been getting the occasional itchy bite, so I decide

January 26

1086 Bute St January 2016: Long time resident, for seven years. This is

1278 Granville St I’ve lived at 1278 Granville st since 2010. I was jus

January 25

1210 Jervis St May 2013 – 4th floor tenant had huge infestation. When s

888 Pacific St I had 3 times bitten since summer and not sure what it w

January 24

370 Jackson Ave This is a low cost housing unit and full of bed bugs an

January 22

1250 Comox St I’m thinking of renting an apt in this building when one

January 21

1348 Barclay St I’m thinking of renting in that building. Are there st

330 N Nanaimo St The tenants that complained below did not report the

1763 Comox St Spring 2015. Bed bugs noticed in the suite. This was repo

January 20

1095 Bute St I live in this building very long time the building was no

1201 W Georgia St Living here currently, no bug problems in sight and m

January 16

1275 Haro St I have been living in this building for about 2 years now.

January 14

1100 Jervis St We stayed in Travelodge Richmond BC before new year. we

January 13

1130 E Broadway What an interesting report on this building. Do take th

January 12

1595 E 6th Ave Was supposed to move into a suite on the 4th floor, howe

January 09

1600 Beach Ave Bed bugs on 9th and 10th floor of Laurier. Don’t move he

January 08

8708 French St In 2014 We had a bed bug and let the land lord know they

January 07

1333 E Broadway june and july 2014: german roaches in the entire kitche

January 06

Cassandra Hotel Found many bugs so grossbites all over my leg. Never ag

320 Abbott St I moved into my unit here in the summer. It seemed alrigh

January 05

55 Powell St test

January 04

2111 Main St We booked three rooms for three nights to go to the PNE fo

2132 Dundas St I went to view the apartment on the 1st floor to rent it

January 02

1395 Beach Ave Update: great results, no bedbugs to speak of. Very prom

1835 Mclean Dr Saw an ad for a suite in this building – Can anyone tell

December 30

1222 Pendrell St Whenever anything broak he never fixed it so we had to

December 29

1644 Nelson St Considering moving into this building (Dec ’15/Jan ’16).

450 N Nanaimo St Mice infestation, bed bug infestations. Slumlords who

December 27

Super 8 Vancouver Dec 26 2015, my 7 year old son had two bed bug bites

December 24

1333 Haro St I had bed bugs for most of my stay in this building (sever

December 22

347 W Pender St as of december 20 2015 there is no more bed bug in this

December 21

205 Kingsway 12/19/15 Stayed at best Western plus on Kingsway. Both m

December 16

1090 Jervis St This report above in entirely false and was most likely

2025 W 1st Ave The land lord is a total *%&$#! she looks like a Q-tip!

December 11

2010 Barclay St 2015/12/ 08. Got bitten, thought it was a rash. Then m

December 10

3989 Dumfries St I am aware that there have been bed bug issues in two

1650 Burnaby St bedbug infestation that kept us sleeping on the couch l

December 08

1885 E Pender St Unit on second floor was rumoured to have bugs. My nei

December 07

1433 Commercial Dr Moe on 11/10/2009 got it wrong, I lived at 1411 Comm

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Bedbug Registry: Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

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Bed Bugs in the Workplace | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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A workplaces risk of exposure to bed bugs depends on the type of workplace and the number of visitors received.

Characteristics of low risk workplaces include:

Workplaces with medium risk to bed bug exposure have:

Prevention or monitoring activities should be put in place in these areas.

Workplaces at higher risk of bed bug exposure include:

Staff policy and procedures should be put in place in these higher risk workplaces.

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Bed Bugs in the Workplace | City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Toronto ranked number 1 city in Canada for bed bugs …

by simmons ·

Toronto often finds itself perched at the top of various best-of lists. In recent years The Big Smoke has been voted one of the top cities to live and work in the world, with the some of the best restaurants in the country.

But theres little to brag about when it comes to the latest list weve topped. According to pest control provider, Orkin Canada, were number one when it comes to bed bugs.

Toronto topped all Canadian cities when it came to the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out by Orkin.

Heres the top 10:

The dubious honour may not come as a surprise to some. Bed bugs have been spotted in Toronto Public Library books, on the TTC, and in numerous rental and vacation properties. According to the bed bug registry, there are currently 2270 reports for the critters across the city.

Heres some helpful tips for homeowners and vacationers trying to stay bed-bug free: (Source: Orkin Canada)

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Toronto ranked number 1 city in Canada for bed bugs …

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Bed Bug Exterminator Service in Calgary – Call us at 1-844 …

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We first called the exterminator. It was more expensive not at all effective. Not to mention the turmoil it created.

With You kill, it was easy and effective. We did bring the machine back once because they appeared to find refuge in an old couch. We threw it away.

At this point we are still watching for them and probably always will. It was a horrendous experience having bed bugs.

My only suggestion is to give out a broucher with the machine giving info and tips for dealing with the bugs.

When you have bed bugs, it is comforting to get a little advice.

Follow this link:
Bed Bug Exterminator Service in Calgary – Call us at 1-844 …

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Bed Bugs Info Pest Control

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Running a pest control business in Canada sounds like a great idea, the main reason being demand. Additional benefits include low marketing costs and start-up costs and a pest-free environment for customers.


The main challenge that pest control businesses face is the fact that summer is the time when rodents, bugs, and other pests come out. Summer is a busy season but you will have less work in winter, spring, and autumn. Thus fluctuating cash flows and profits are the main problem due to the seasonal character of a pest control business.

Regulations, Licenses, and Permits

The main acts and regulations in Canada are the Pesticide Residue Compensation Act, Pest Control Products Act, and others. Depending on the province or territory and activity, businesses are required to obtain different licenses and permits such as pesticide permits, vendor license, operator license, etc. In Ontario, for example, businesses that apply and sell pesticides need a license while those that use high-risk pesticides need a permit. There are different types of exterminator licenses as well, including water, land, and structural exterminator licenses. The license is valid for a period of five years. Business owners are asked to submit an application, along with the application fee, proof of pesticide certification, and employment information.

Develop a Business Plan

A business plan helps obtain external financing at competitive interest rates, especially if you have very good or stellar credit. It is a good idea to include a list of services such as advisory and consultancy services, building maintenance and lawn care, insect and rodent control and extermination, bird proofing, and termite control. Other services include pest and mosquito control and eradication and fumigating. Make sure you include separate sections on your business structure, mission statement, potential customers, and target market. Customers that use pest control services include corporations, camp grounds, farms, local communities, kids playgrounds, boarding houses, parks, commercial farmers, and households, among others.


Funding can come from different sources, including credit unions and banks, finance companies, peer to peer lenders, credit card companies, government-backed loans, and more ( Many business owners apply for government funding under the Canada Small Business Financing Program ( Loans can be used for eligible assets such as equipment (tools, instruments, machinery, etc.), leasehold improvements, immovable or real property, and registration fees up to 2 percent. Funding cannot be used to cover things like inventory, working capital, or franchise fees. A government loan can be used to cover website and software development, decontamination costs, and equipment improvement, including installation, modernization, renovation, and construction. In addition to CSBF, unions and banks offer mortgage and loan financing to start-ups and companies operating in Canada ( Religious entities and enterprises, farms, and non-for-profits usually do not qualify. Many financial institutions require personal guarantee as a guarantee of on-time loan repayment. There are other ways to secure additional financing, including business lines of credit and credit cards. A business line of credit, for example, is a good choice to access and withdraw funds at any time. Money can be used for inventory and supplies, to take advantage of trade discounts, or anything else. Lastly, business credit cards go with larger limits compared to personal cards and benefits such as complimentary welcome bonuses, concierge, airmiles, travel and flight discounts, and a lot more.

Bed bugs come in different varieties but are basically parasitic insects that are active at night time. Spread by crawling, they live in linen, clothing, and cracks in furniture.

What Are Bed Bugs

Part of the cimicid family, bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed on bats and other animals and human blood. There are different types and species, including barn swallow, Mexican chicken, and tropical bugs. The Mexican chicken bug, for example, feeds on fowl and birds and is usually found on farms. The tropical variety feeds on human blood and bats and is found in regions with temperate as well as tropical climate. A total of 92 different species have been identified.

Where Can Be Found

They can be found in sofas and other upholstered furniture, textiles, beds and bed frames, box springs, mattress covers, mattresses, etc. Other areas that can be infested include wallpaper cracks, dressers, carpet edges, and curtains. Buildings that are at risk of infestation include buses, trains, and other transportation vehicles, shelters, laundries, office buildings, theaters, and other high-traffic areas. About 2/3 of bed bugs, however, are concentrated in the bed area.

Bites and Signs

Common signs of bug bites include itching, swelling, and redness. They can be mistaken for skin problems, rash, and mosquito and flea bites. Treatment is usually not required. Some patients develop bacterial infections and are prescribed antibiotics. If allergic reaction occurs, doctors usually prescribe antihistamines or topical steroids. Some people use natural and home remedies such as water and soda paste, oatmeal baths, tea tree essential oil, patchouli oil, and cold compresses.

How to Eliminate Them

There are different ways and products to kill insects, including diatomaceous earth, neem oil, and thyme oil. Diatomaceous earth, for example, contains fossils of diatoms, which are miniature aquatic species. There are numerous applications in farming, skin care, food manufacturing, water filtering, etc. Diatomaceous earth is also used to kill parasites, insects, and viruses and to reduce the harmful effect of free radicals. Neem oil is also used to get rid of bed bugs in commercial settings and homes. Azadirachtin, the main ingredient of neem oil, repels more than 200 insect species and is low in toxicity. Washing, fabrics, upholstery, and other surfaces also help eliminate bed bugs. You may add essential oils for better results. Lemon oil, for example, is known to repel insects, including bed bugs. It is best to contact a professional service company, however. They have experience in treating infested areas and use professional products and solutions. Some companies use professional insecticides while others use natural or organic products. Professional insecticides are more effective in treating infested areas. If you choose this option, ask whether the products they use are safe to apply on upholstery, fabrics, and mattresses, especially if you have small children, pets, or known allergies.

It is a good idea to inspect framed pictures, bed frames, fabrics, and soft furnishings on a regular basis. Check for eggs, dead bedbugs, blood stains, and insects to avoid infestation. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to keep your suitcases away from furniture and your bed area. Put your clothes in the drier for 20 30 minutes when returning from a trip or holiday.

Bed Bugs in Canada, Cases and Infested Areas

The most heavily infested areas in Canada include Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Other cities that have bed bug problems include Calgary, Scarborough, Sudbury, Halifax, Edmonton, and St. Johns. The majority of cities with bug problems are located in Ontario (14 in total).

In fact, there is a bed bug registry that allows users to browse for sites with reported cases. Sites include both residential homes and commercial properties. Renters and travelers are welcome to report areas with cases and bug infestations, including libraries, movie theatres, hospitals, dormitories, hotels, apartments, and houses. Users, on the other hand, are free to browse by city and state, street address, and hotel name. Information is available for different cities in Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, and others. The registry also features resources, city maps, alerts, and other useful information.

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Bed Bugs Info Pest Control

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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment – Victoria Pest Control

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Bed Bug Before After Feeding

These crawling insects are broad and flat and measure 4-5 mm long. Their colour is brown before feeding. After feeding the bed bug will grow longer and more rounded, and turn to a brownish-red colour. The bed bug has no wings.

Bed bugs can be a stressful experience! Thats why Victoria Pest Control aims to provide the most thorough and comprehensive bed bug control for our clients. We have extensive experience in controlling bed bugs, and are constantly evolving our treatments to be the safest and most effective in the Greater Victoria Area.

Our Traditional IPM Bed Bug Treatments can include:

Victoria Pest Control is here to help you become bed bug free! Whether its a single family home, apartment, housing society, or even a car (they get infested too!), we have a solution to solve your bed bug problem!!!

During the day bed bugs will live in cracks and crevices, preferring wood and paper surfaces. These areas may have a stink bug smell due to the residue and excrement of the bed bugs. At night the bed bug will leave these spaces and seek out hosts, including people and pets. The bed bug will attach itself to the host, which generally goes unnoticed, and feed on blood for 3 to 10 minutes. For people, the attachment site on the skin may become inflamed and itchy. Small blood spots may be noticeable on the bed sheets. There will also be small brown fecal spots on walls and surfaces where bed bugs travel. The female bed bug will lay up to 5 eggs per day in cracks and on rough surfaces. An egg will hatch and mature into an adult bed bug in 21 days, and then live for a further 6 to 12 months.

Bed bugs are difficult to prevent, even in the most sanitary of homes. They can be introduced into a home via used furniture or belongings from an infected structure. Bed bugs can also infest transport vehicles, boats, trains, planes, etc. Certified bed bug mattress and box spring enclosures will prevent bed bugs from living in the mattresses and will protect these expensive items from infestation.

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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment – Victoria Pest Control

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Bed bug resources – Bed bugs: news …

by simmons ·

Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

University and Government Fact SheetsComprehensive Guides to Bed Bugs and TreatmentGet a suspected bed bug sample identifiedBed Bug Policy Advocacy Groups, Local Task ForcesBed Bug Blogs and Personal AccountsOther Sources of Information and SupportFrenchSpanishInformation on PesticidesInformation and Help for Landlords and TenantsInformation for the Hospitality IndustryInformation for Shelter OperatorsInformation for Home Visitors, Health Care and Social Workers, and others who work in peoples homesSelected Articles (trade and popular)Selected Research Studies (academic)Sources of Legal AdviceRegister Infested AddressesAudio, Video, Photos of Bed BugsInformation on Biting Mites, Bird Mites, etc.

Fact Sheets and Bed Bug Information Pages (university, government)

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Comprehensive Guides to Bed Bugs and Treatment

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of ContentsGet a suspected bed bug sample identified

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Policy Advocacy and Local Task Forces

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Bed Bug Blogs and Personal Accounts (and years actively discussing bed bugs)

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Is your story missing? Post it on our forums, or share a link to your bed bug blog with us (contact form). Other Sources of Information and Support

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents


go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents


go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

About Pesticides

You can find your states pesticide regulatory agency here.

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For Landlords and Tenants

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For Hospitality Industry

go back to Table of Contents

For Shelter Operators

go back to Table of Contents

For Home Visitors (and others who work in potentially infested homes)

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Selected Articles (popular/trade)

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Selected Research Studies (academic)

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Sources of Legal Advice Note: if you have questions about your legal rights as a tenant, try calling the tenant organizations listed in the Information for Landlords and Tenants above. If your local organization is not listed (most arent), try Googling the name of your city (or the nearest city) and tenants organization. If you locate one in your region, they should be able to direct you to a local group. Please let us know if your local tenants organization should be added to our list please email me using this contact form.

go back to Bed Bug Resources: Table of Contents

Register Infested Addresses

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Audio, Video, Photos

CBCs wonderful in-depth segment on bed bugs (Bed Dread and Great Eggspectations, 2007) unfortunately, no longer online as of 2014

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Bird (and other) Mites (a completely different problem)

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Last updated 29 May 2015.

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Bed bug resources – Bed bugs: news …

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