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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) A bed bug infestation is getting better at a public housing building in Green Bay that is mostly home to elderly residents. Green Bays Housing Authority has been battling bed bugs at Mason Manor for the past 4 years, but management said some changes have led to some big results. I have heard from people who live there and their families and they are frustrated and confused. How can this go on for years? How can my grandma or mom be put through this? said Chris Wery, Green Bay City Co

A Brit family say their Spanish holiday was ruined after they were attacked by blood-sucking bed bugs in their apartment block each night for nearly a week. Disgusted Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty shared revolting photographs after they discovered creatures crawling in both the mattresses and wooden frames of their beds. The couple from Edinburgh, who are on holiday with their two children, took pictures of their arms and legs which were covered in bites and posted them online. They have been forced to spe

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Liam Edmonds and Laura Dochertywere given an injection and medication from Spanish doctors REVOLTING pictures show how a British familys room was taken over by blood-sucking critters. Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty found the vile bed bugs living in the mattresses and frames of their beds while on holiday with their two children in Menorca. Laura Docherty The couple, from Edinburgh, also shared images showing their arms and legs covered in hundreds of bites which have cost them 80 so far t

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For someone who has not dealt with the nuisance of a bedbug infestation on household furniture, the shudder of those who have might seem extreme. The visceral reaction to the smell of a squashed bed bug and the itch of being bitten is all too real for those who have had such experiences. The annoying aspect of a bedbug infestation is their resilience. These little bugs are hardy and even harder to kill.In a span of 37 days on the average, bedbugs go from eggs to adulthood. From the beginning of their life, bedbug

Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite is a common phrase that has become a reality for both the rich and poor. Many people may not even realize that this reference is about an actual bug. Bed bugs have become an increasing problem and are not selective about who they feed on. As long as you have blood running through your veins you are a perfect meal for them. The good news is that bed bugs are not known to transmit any disease, therefor they are not a public health concern. The bites can create an itch

The Associated Press DECATUR, Ill. (AP) A resurgence of bed bugs has cities in central Illinois scurrying for answers of how to tackle the issue. Bed bugs are becoming a problem in places such as Decatur because there's no funding for prevention and extermination, the Herald & Review ( reported. The small, flat, brown bugs that bite don't carry a disease, which causes them to be excluded from falling under the authority of governmental organizations, such as state health departments. "N

Central Illinois struggles to find solution for bed bugs DECATUR (AP) The resurgence of a bug that was once nearly extinct has cities in central Illinois scurrying for answers of how to tackle the issue. The Herald & Review reports that bed bugs are becoming a problem in places like Decatur because there's no funding for prevention and extermination. The small, flat, brown bugs that bite don't carry a disease, which causes them to be excluded from falling under the authority of governmenta

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DECATUR, Ill (WAND)- Since the winter months, reports of bed bugs continues to be a cause for concern in the Decatur and surrounding communities. So much so that officials with the health department and various social services formed a 'bed bug task force'. Administrator with the Macon County Health Department Dianna Heyer said, "everybody seems to be having an issue with it, it doesn't matter where you come from what your background is, everyone is suseptible to bed bugs." Heyer adds t

DECATUR Bed bugs, once nearly extinct in the United States, have come scurrying back in greater numbers and Central Illinois has been one of their landing spots. In Hotels, apartment buildings, homes, restaurants, churches, libraries, movie theaters, taxis, storage sheds, schools, workplaces the small, flat, brown bugs with the big bite are back, and theyre everywhere. Bed bugs arent disease carriers, which is good, but it also causes them not to fall under the authority of county and

July 20, 2017 8:00 AM By Dr. BrianMcDonough KYWs Medical Reports Sponsored By Independence Blue Cross By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor PHILADELPHIA (CBS) If you are planning to travel during the mid to late summer, and this is a big time of the year to get away I have an uncomfortable problem to bring up, bedbugs. Bedbugs have become a major problem in the past decade. It is a problem that travelers heading to hotels worry about and parents of college students hope they arent

Please enable Javascript to watch this video DENVER -- Tourists are coming to Colorado in droves this summer, and it's not just visitors of the two-legged kind. Our state is seeing an infestation of bed bugs. Christina Thomas experienced it first hand. Thomas was visiting an Extended Stay America in Colorado Springs and says she woke up to find bed bugs all over her pillow. "I woke up and three inches from my face I see a spot, and I look at it and say 'no way, is that a bed bug?'" she said.

A Middletown mans residence and car were damaged by vandals who used fireworks and threw bed bugs into his house, according to the police report. Gerald Moore of the 1700 block of Henry Avenue told officers Friday morning that he heard something that sounded like his window being broken and fireworks going off. He discovered a firework the had been ignited under his car and a broken window. Moore said he noticed that bed bugs had been dumped through the window. After hearing a noise at the front door, Moore sa

TAHLEQUAH Adding to the litany of conquests in their nationwide comeback, bed bugs have found their way into the local office of a state agency. The pests were detected July 7 in the Cherokee County office of the Department of Human Services. Steven Edwards, office director, said exterminators fumigated the building the night of July 11, and that supplies are being kept in plastic bags during the treatments. We had professionally licensed exterminators come in, Edwards said. They were confined to one area,