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John Langdell said he had some unexpected visitors in his hotel in Whitehorse. An American tourist on a motorcycle trip with his friends, he said he was bitten by bedbugs in his hotel. "The first night, I thought I'd been bitten by a mosquito, I had a couple of bites on my hands and my arms," said Langdell. He said they swelled to be about the size of a dime. "The next night I got bit even worse. Boy, they itch like crazy." He said he wasn't sure what the bites were from, mosquito, spider or bedbug. Bu

August 4, 2017 The Aprehend biopesticide developed by Penn State researchers contains Beauveria bassiana, a natural and indigenous fungus that causes disease in insects but is harmless to humans. When a bedbug crosses a sprayed barrier, it picks up the fungal spores, which germinate and colonize the body, killing the bedbug in four to seven days. Credit: Daryl Branford As the summer travel season kicks into high gear, Penn State researchers have found a potential solution to those unwanted guests that

A Day in the Life of a Bedbug Collector – OZY

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In this occasional series, OZY takes to streets and neighborhoods across the globe to ask a simple question: How was your day? Louis Sorkin Rye Brook, New York I began my day packaging some specimens spiders, scorpions and some other arachnids suspended in alcohol that needed to be shipped. Then I got a call from a man who had found some strange insects biting him after hed gone to a park on the Upper West Side. He was really surprised because hed been going to this park for the past 10 years and had neve

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WAUSAU, Wis., (WSAW)-- Sleep away camp is great chance for kids to bring home memories, stories and possibly some unwanted friends. To talk about preventing and treating pesky bed bugs was Sarah Brown, Environmental Health Specialist with Marathon County. Adult bed bugs look similar to a tick and have flat, copper colored bodies. Young bed bugs (nymphs) are nearly colorless and very small. You can see adult bed bugs, nymphs (immature bed bugs), and eggs with the naked eye. An adult bed bug is about the size

Posted by: Robert Friedman in Recruiting Software Blog, August 3, 2017 Bed bugs They are creepy and crawly, and if you are not careful, they could be coming home from work with you. At least that is what happened at New-York-based media firm, Buzzfeed, last month. In mid-June, Buzzfeed employees logged on to find an email from the company communications officer alerting workers that the office would be fumigated the following day in the fastest and environmentally safest manner. Just like no fancy

Eight cats were put down by the Killeen Animal Services Department just hours after they were rescued from an apartment fire Tuesday afternoon, according to city officials and area animal advocates. I was on Facebook when I saw the article about the fire, and I contacted the shelter to let them know I would be willing to take care of the cats at no charge while the owner got back on her feet, Kathy Kwieran of Kathys Kitties said. The person who answered the phone said it was an owner surrender and then transferr

This image of a taxonomic network of bacterial diversity on bedbugs comes from Michael Fisher, who won first place for graduate students and postdocs in the graphics category. Click to see a larger version on Flickr. First place for graphics and illustration among faculty and staff goes to a Mars map from Paul Byrne, an assistant professor in the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences who specializes in planetary geology. The planet Mars has fascinated humanity for thousands of

Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver are Canada's top cities for bedbug infestations, according to a list released by pest control company Orkin. The data was assembled by adding up the number of commercial and residential treatments for bedbugs in those communities over the last 12 months, according to Global News. Click on the map below for a larger image: Bedbugs are a growing problem in many Canadian cities and contrary to their name, they don't just live in mattresses and bedding. The tiny insects can als

Dead bed bugs lay on a paper towel (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) JERSEY CITY First-responders tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate a woman police were told was found unresponsive in her home on Sunday morning. According to a story on Fios1,when medics arrived at the home they needed to call in a hazmat team to deal with a massive bug infestation problem. In addition to the woman, five other people, including the womans parents and her daughters, lived at the home at the time she was found. She was declared

Please enable Javascript to watch this video AURORA, Colo. -- Bedbugs are creating an ongoing nuisance for tenants at a northwest Aurora apartment building as landlords across the country find it difficult to properly exterminate the pests. Studies from this year indicate bedbugs are becoming more resistant to pesticides. When I moved here, my son and I enjoyed it, Stapleton Apartments tenant Max Vaughns said. We [were] having fun. But over the past three months, Vaughns said he has spent s

ILLINOIS NEWS NETWORK One Illinois region is not sleeping tight as a plague of bed bugs continues to bite. The Springfield-Decatur-Champaign area ranked 30th on Orkins most recent "Top 50 Bed Bug Cities" list, which tracks where the pest control company conducts the most bed bug treatments. The region jumped 12 spots from last years list. Kathy Wade, director of environmental health at Macon Health Department, couldn't say why the small, flat, brown bugs invaded the area, but noted they have been a growin

CINCINNATI An online video was enough for Metro to "immediately" dispatch its pest control company to treat several wooden benches at Government Square on Friday. The square is one of the busiest bus stops in the city. The man who posted the video online did not want to speak with WLWT on camera but gave his permission to use the video. In a statement, Metro said, "Metro is aggressive about addressing any pest issues. Government Square is power washed and cleaned daily. Additionally, we proactively treat all bu

Complaints of bed bugs, stoves that turn on by themselves, break-ins and a landlord that tenants say ignores their cries for help led to a protest that saw dozens of residents demanding to speak with property management on Saturday afternoon. Chanting, placard-waving tenants are accusing mega-manager,RealstarGroup, of failing to maintain the safety and livability of theirScarboroughbuilding complex in the Oakridge area. They claim the company has createdan atmosphere of aggression in the process.

Gary Shelton tossed clothes, a wooden bed frame, a directors chair and cardboard boxes stuffed with papers from his community-activist campaigns. Other clothes the 68-year-old Long Beach man washed, dried and bagged. Then he waited. And waited. And waited. An exterminator sprayed his ninth-floor Plymouth West apartment three times for bedbugs December, January and February. If there is any evidence of bedbugs, they treat again, he said. Finally, in March, Shelton was given the all-clear. Its lik