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New research from the University of Sydney shows that bed bugs are harder to kill because they may have developed a thicker skin, resistant to common insecticides. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more. Buzz60Closeup view of two bed bugs.(Photo: sahilu, Getty Images/iStockphoto)A Hudson County freeholder called for a solution to a serious bedbug problem at a Hoboken senior housing complex.Anthony Romano held a press conference outside of the Columbian Towers on Bloomfield Avenue on Monday asking for the city and county health department

A Saline County landlord is seeking guidance in connection with a bed bug infestation issue.Larry Mattison told the Saline County Commission that he has recently dealt with 3 or 4 tenants who have had bed bug infestations. He said that once the problem is known, it can be treated. But, if the problem is not known, and the tenant moves, the bed bugs will also move with the tenant from place to place.Mattison approached both the Saline County Health Department and the Citys Neighborhood Services and did not get answers that satisfied him in terms

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP)- There has been an unwanted visitor in the Mid-Ohio Valley for some time now, which many residents are trying to get rid of.With concern about the invasion, exterminators in the area say they've gotten a lot of business recently; yet they say the spread continues.Experts say to check your mattress, box spring, couches and recliners for any black spots; that means bed bugs are there.Exterminators say the pests travel quickly however precautions can be taken to reduce the chances of spreading them.Exterminator and owner of Eas

They creep, they crawl, and they just might be in your hotel room.And worse, they could be coming home with you.Bedbug infestations can occur at any time, but experts say its wise to be extra wary of the critters during peak travel times like summer, for instance. Hiding in cracks and crevices, the bugs are good hitchhikers and could latch onto luggage and other belongings.Theyre not discriminating travelers, said Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist for the National Pest Management Association. They dont discriminate between a first-class resor

A new state law designed to battle bedbugs requires California landlords to provide tenants with written information about these blood-sucking, tenacious pests and how to report suspected infestations to the landlord.The disclosure requirement took effect for new tenants July 1 and will apply to existing tenants Jan. 1.The law also prevents landlords from showing or renting a vacant unit with an active infestation, and from retaliating against tenants who report bedbug problems. It does not require them to inspect rental units for bedbugs if th

Bedbugs are really tough. Just ask people working at the Erie County Rath Building.After spending nearly $4,000 as of August on pest control to battle bedbugs in the building with limited success, administrators escalated their war against the tiny and persistent parasites.Bedbug-sniffing dogs are expected to begin roaming the building. And a new policy requires all employees to take home clothing and other personal items that might be cluttering work spaces and floors. Employees who leave such things behind after this week risk having them thr

For more than two years, city inspectors have documented unsafe and squalid conditions at a weekly hotel near uptown that houses low-income families with children, the disabled and others with nowhere else to go.Inspectors found rooms with no heat or air conditioning, piles of garbage, bedbugs and broken windows among other problems at the Airport Parkway Inn and Suites. Former tenants and a neighboring business complain the building on Wilkinson Boulevard is a magnet for drugs and crime. Now, Charlotte officials are taking steps that could lea

Pest control company Orkin put out a list of where their crews performed the most bed bug treatments from December 2015 to November 2016. (FILE - WSYX/WTTE)Pest control experts said more people in the U.S. are affected by bed bugs than ever before and Ohio cities like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are at the top of the list for infestations.Pest control company Orkin put out a list of where their crews performed the most bed bug treatments from December 2015 to November 2016.Columbus is listed at number five in the nation, Cincinnati at nu

But in the coming weeks and months, dogs are expected to be used at the Rath Building downtown to sniff out bedbugs.Thats part of the new pest control policy implemented this week at the county building thats been battling bedbugs since late last year.The countys new rules for employees were sent out Wednesday, soon after it was determined that an employees belongings were infested with fleas and placed at the Raths loading dock with caution tape.The new rules include limiting items employees can bring into the building, including personal item

(File photo)PARMA, OhioParma Senior High School is being treated for bed bugs.A Parma City School District spokesman said the bugs, which were detected by a trained K-9, are in an isolated area of the school. That portion will be treated Thursday night by raising the temperature to eliminate the live bed bugs.The high school will remain open on Friday.Neither the isolation of the area nor the heating of the area interferes with education, the district said in a news release.The district has more information handling bed bugs in schools on its w

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Detroit Terminix released its 2017 ranking of the top 20cities infested by bedbugs just in time for late-summer vacations and students returning to campuses. Based on service data, Detroit ranked thirdon the list followingCleveland (#1) and Cincinnati (#2). Terminix, a majorprovider of termite and pest control services in the United States based in Memphis, Tennesee, compiled the list from data at 300 Terminix branches across the country. The list ranks from their services between Jan. 1 to June 30. T

By Fernando Ramirez, / Houston Chronicle Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images The summer months are some of the busiest for pest control experts. Staying informed is the best way to prevent infestations. See what home owners need to know about bed bugs and their infestations. The summer months are some of the busiest for pest

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Tenants living at the Abbeyshire Apartments on Rocky River Drive in Cleveland report they've been fighting a battle against bed bugs for the past several weeks. Rose Mary Long said she's been a tenant at the complex for three years, and showed us the dozens of bed bug bites on her arms and legs. Long said she even paid more than $860 to have exterminators treat her apartment, but believes the infestation in multiple units is so bad the bed bugs keep coming back. "I can't sleep, I can't eat