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San Antonio- A woman who has been living at the Aurora apartments for four years says shes one of the residents dealing with a massive bed bug problem there. She says she has no idea who brought them to the apartments but has found them in her door seal, window seal, even her ears. This was in both my ears. It was horrible when I saw them after I cleaned my ears, the woman said. Now, her apartment looks like its been flipped upside down after word of the pesky problem reached the city. Late last week treat

The Union LeaderMan who claimed he set fire to Candia home to kill bed bugs must ...The Union LeaderA man who pleaded guilty to setting his Candia home on fire after claiming that it was infested with bed bugs will have to pay restitution totaling nearly $180000.Man who set fire to NH home due to bed bugs to pay restitution after ...NH1 Newsall 2 news articles » More here: Man who claimed he set fire to Candia home to kill bed bugs must ... - The Union Leader

Bed bug(Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Bed bugs are out there, and they hunger for your blood. A worldwide problem, bedbugs are resurging, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and while the creatures dont transmit disease, they can be a genuine nuisance their presence causing at minimum itching or loss of sleep. Terri Auger, a registered sanitarian with the City of Abilenes Environmental Health Department, said that bedbug outbreaks dont have t

When bed bugs recently invaded apartments at Arthur D. Sartini Plaza, some residents of the Las Vegas public housing project for the elderly remained quiet out of embarrassment, the manager said. That helped the tiny bloodsuckers chomp their way across a wider swath of the four-story complex and made for a bigger cleanup when word of the infestation finally got out, he said. August Anderson, 76, says that he reported the bugs when they appeared in his one-bedroom apartment and began chewing on him but acknowle

BRENTWOOD The Candia man who pleaded guilty to arson charges after he set his house on fire due to bed bugs will have to pay restitution of nearly $180,000. Stephen Gracyalny, 60, is required to make the restitution payments to Wilbur & Associates of Normil, Ill., following the fire at 36 Hook Road on Feb. 19, 2016, according to the Union Leader. Gracyalny told investigators that he and his wife, Donna, had been dealing with the bed bug infestation for about two weeks. When they asked Gracyalny what happened,

By Brittney Martin, Staff Writer Photo: Bob Owen /San Antonio Express-News The Aurora apartments opened in 1930 as a luxury hotel. The Aurora apartments opened in 1930 as a luxury hotel. Orkin's most bedbug infested-cities Orkin's most bedbug infested-cities Up 10 spots from last year Up

Bedbugs were found last week and again Tuesday night in a medical unit at the Topeka VA Medical Center. When the bedbugs were discovered last week, eradication efforts began immediately, said Joseph Burks, public affairs officer for the VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System. Patients returned after an inspection showed the area was clear. Late Tuesday night, one dead bug and one live bug were found in the same unit, Burks said. Our team is aware and taking action in moving patients out

Spring break is right around the corner and one thing you do not want to see on your vacation is bed bugs. They can cause medical problems as minor as itching skin to something as serious as an allergic reaction requiring a trip to the emergency room. Barry Levy has today's Consumer Report with some tips on keeping bed bugs away during your next hotel stay. Beware bedbugs. Ugh, I started feeling itchy the minute i entered the room! Stay Away! Bed Bugs! Bed Bug Infested! Consumer reviews on sites lik

Although bed bugs are small and do not transmit diseases, they can cause giant problems. Their bites can cause severe allergic reactions and secondary skin infections and their presence can lead to significant economic consequences, as well as mental health problems for people residing in infested places. Multi-unit apartment buildings provide particularly fertile environments for bedbugs, as new tenants may bring new bed bugs and infestations may easily spread to adjacent units. The California legislature has not

The sight of bed bugs is enough to put a damper on your vacation, but the bites can cause a variety of symptoms from secondary skin infections like impetigo and ecthyma to allergic reactions and in rare cases anaphylaxis which can impair breathing and require a trip to the ER. With spring break coming up the experts at Consumer Reports share some tips to keep the bed bugs away during your next hotel stay. Some simple steps when you check in can help avoid hassles and expenses when you check out. It might sound

2/28/2017 Northern Plaza resident Irving Ortiz shows a pile of bed bugs from the laundry room at the housing complex. Ortiz is pleading for help addressing continued problems with bugs and mice in the building. (Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey) PAWTUCKET Keeping bugs and rodents out of Apartment 510 at the Northern Plaza is about as futile as bailing water from a sinking boat, says resident Irving Ortiz. The single father of three children says hes been frustrate

Deborah Butler was charged with neglect of care, a first-degree felony, as well as involuntary manslaughter, a misdemeanor. Staff West Manheim Township Police say a 96-year-old woman died as a result of "complications of sepsis following a bed bug infestation" at this home on Baltimore Pike, seen on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017.(Photo: Lindsey Welling/ The Evening Sun)Buy Photo Last February, West Manheim Township Police entered a home on Baltimore Pike

A 96-year-old woman's death wouldn't typically garner headlines, but a case out of Hanover, Pa., is an exception. Mary Stoner died last February due to complications from sepsis that arose after a bed bug infestation, and her caretaker, Deborah Butler, has now been charged in Stoner's death, the Evening Sun reports. Butler, 72, once ran a licensed home care facility; when she shut it down, Stoner and another elderly woman started living with Butler at Butler's own home and paying Butler as their caretaker.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Monday, February 27, 2017, 5:07 PM A Pennsylvania caretaker has been charged with slaying an elderly woman who died after a bed bug infestation. Mary Stoner, a 96-year-old in rural West Manheim Township, died last year from sepsis stemming from a massive insect problem at the home where she was staying, according to an autopsy. Prosecutors charging her caretaker, 72-year-old Deborah Butler, with neglect and involuntary manslaughter say that officers visited the house last Febru