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Gary Shelton tossed clothes, a wooden bed frame, a directors chair and cardboard boxes stuffed with papers from his community-activist campaigns. Other clothes the 68-year-old Long Beach man washed, dried and bagged. Then he waited. And waited. And waited. An exterminator sprayed his ninth-floor Plymouth West apartment three times for bed bugs: December, January and February. If there is any evidence of bed bugs they treat again, he said. Finally, in March, Shelton was given the all clear. Its li

Kevin Ellis Gazette staff TheGazetteKevin Gaston County Commissioner Don Grant faces criminal charges of assault on a female and sexual battery, but the Republican says he has done nothing wrong and asks the public to wait before passing judgment. "When all of this is said and done, I think you will find that I'll be vindicated and it will be well known that these charges are not true," Grant said Friday. "I ask people not to make a decision until they hear all the facts." Officers with the State Bureau of Inve

AUGUSTA A local businessman who officials said wishes to remain anonymous has offered to pay up to $20,000, if others match his contribution, to try to eradicate bedbugs from the city. Someone whom Mayor David Rollins described as a community leader, Augusta resident and business owner committed up to $20,000, in the form of a challenge grant, to eradicate the insidious blood-sucking pests. As a challenge grant, the money would be provided only if others come up with a matching amount. A very prominent com

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) - Fox 46 Charlotte is helping get results after a Charlotte woman said she found bed bugs crawling out of the walls of her apartment. She's now helping get results for neighbors. "I was told that if I said anything that I'd get in trouble for slander. But I felt I'd want the respect of being notified. I told the neighbors I do know and they were upset, but at least it gave them the opportunity to beware," said Danielle Cook. She spoke out and helped get results for her neighbors. Her

The steps you take should depend on your personal preferences and the particular environments youre dealing with, experts say. Consider the following: Know what a bed bug looks like. These small, disc-shaped bugs can be seen with the naked eye, as can their fecal matterpeppercorn-sized black spots. Be attentivewhere its warranted. Theres little need to keep your eyes constantly peeled for bed bugs, Miller says. But its reasonable to look for signs of them in places where people live and/or sleep, especial

Charles Manning, the Augusta man charged with assault and obstruction of government administration after he dumped about 100 live bedbugs in Augusta City Center, said in an interview Tuesday that he did it to show the code enforcement officer this is what I had to put up with for four, six months. Staff photo by Joe Phelan AUGUSTA The 74-year-old man who dumped a cup of live bedbugs in the Augusta City Center last month said he did it because the city wasnt adequately addressing his complaints a

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ Theyre the creepy, crawly, nasty things that bite in the night. Bed bugsno one likes em, and few know how to kill em. But they stand little chance against Changlu Wang. He heads Rutgers Universitys urban entomology lab and has strived for years to rid New Jersey low-income housing projects, including in New Brunswick, of bed bugs. He and his team have earned the respect of their colleagues and beneficiaries in their efforts to develop new strategies to combat this scourge. Sign Up for E-Ne

by: Blaine Tolison Updated: Jul 12, 2017 - 6:31 PM CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A county commissioner said struggling families are living at a west Charlotte motel where there are bed bugs, roaches and filth. "I've opened refrigerators and seen no food, but this was beyond that, Mecklenburg County Commissioner at-large Pat Cotham said. This was beyond that." Cotham said the conditions where families in transition are living were overwhelming. "I didnt like what I saw, Cotham said. That's the understatement of t

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) - The place Danielle Cook once called home is now home to something else. "It doesn't feel like home anymore, Danielle tells FOX 46. I have to say, it was hard not to feel grossed out in the room where she found the culprits. "That's a bed bug and some babies or some eggs that were over there. they looked like little specks from here. You could only really see the big one," says Danielle. Danielle cook says she and her husband packed up their three

State pest management association offers tips for preventing spread of bed bugs Raleigh, N.C. Summer travel seasons kicks off this weekend and the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) is urging North Carolinians to be vigilant in protecting themselves from bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are easy to transport from one place to another. Whether youre staying in a hotel, rental property, dorm or summer camp, its important to inspect the property for signs of a bed bug infestation, said Clint Miller

Submitted information OHIO CITY The Ohio City Park Association and the Lambert Days Committee has finalized plans for the 2017 festival. Lambert Days is always the third full weekend in July. This years dates are July 21-23. This is also the 50th anniversary of Ohio Citys celebration of the life of John W. Lambert and his invention of Americas first automobile. This years edition of Lambert Days will feature a communitywide garage sale. For more information, contact Laura Morgan at 419.965.2515. There will

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Bed Bugs Information Like mosquitoes, bed bugsbite people and drink a blood meal.Unlike mosquitoes, they are not known to transmit any human diseases.They can, however, causeitching, skin rashes, anddistress. Bed bugs spread as people carry them into their homes, often in infested luggage, clothing, used furniture, or bedding. Bedbugs can show up in anyones home, school or business. But in general, multi-unit housing is a more common place for a bed bug infestation, such as hotels, dorms, shelters and a

Patch.comBed Bugs Almost Wiped Out: Joliet Housing AuthorityPatch.comJOLIET, IL - Bed bugs strike up fear in practically everyone. For many months, Joliet's Housing Authority has been trying to remove these nasty, creepy pests from its public housing units. More than $135,000 has been spent to combat the problem, Joliet ... View post: Bed Bugs Almost Wiped Out: Joliet Housing Authority -

WATCH LIVE In Augusta, Maine, bedbugs have become more than household pests. Police say they were used to carry out a crime. Charles Manning, 74, of Augusta, has been charged with misdemeanor assault and obstructing government operation. Police say Manning spilled a cup full of bedbugs on the Augusta General Assistance office desk, and several of the bugs landed on a case worker. "They hit my arm, and they hit my body," said Sarah Russell, the case worker hit with the bedbug