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Sanitation And Bed Bugs

We talked about the fact that bed bugs are not in homes because people are dirty. Poor hygiene of a home is not likely to be a reason for bed bugs to arrive . They wi ll not, in fact, come into your home because it is messy. But, sanitation can b.. Read More

Preventing Them

Preventing Them

You have spent time and money getting rid of the bed bugs in your home. Now, you need to keep them out of it. While there is never a guarantee that they will never come back, there are several things that yo u can do now that will help you to kee.. Read More

How To Know You Have Them

Before you move on to how to get rid of the bed bug from your home, we want to stop for a moment and determine just what you need to do to know that you actually have them. Now, you will recall that it can be hard to know if the pest infest.. Read More

The Habits Of The Bed Bug

As someone that is looking to get rid of bed bugs, it is important to understand just what these creatures li ke to do. The habits of bed bugs may amaze you even though you really do not like them. The bed bug is not a creature any of us rea.. Read More

The Life Cycle Of The Bed Bug

Like all animals, the life cycle of the bed bug is a very normal thing. They are born, grow and live. But, as those that are trying to get rid of a bed beg will tell you, it is very important for you to have an understanding of what this lifecycl.. Read More

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Now that you know what the bed bug looks like, you need to determine where it is that bed bugs can live. Like all animals, bed bugs prefer certain things about the locations that they live in. While they may be able to live just about anywhere, .. Read More

What Are the Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs. You have heard the word but do you really know anything about this creature? Most people do not. Many do not even realize that they actually exi st. But, they do and they may be lurking in your home, in your bedding or even in your carp.. Read More

BBCTV #24 CDC3000 Bed Bug Monitor April 28, 2009 10:12 am In this episode, Jeff will show you the CDC 3000 active bed bug monitor, explain how it works and where he thinks it fits into a bed bug management program. .. Read More

In this episode, Jeff will explain the appropriate steps to take to try to travel bed bug free. Regardless of what is explained in this episode, if you visit you can download the Travel Lite or.. Read More - In this episode Jeff will discuss how to make a bed bug barrier and interception device for your bed or couches at home. Many don't have the money to afford commercially available interception.. Read More If you are looking for bed bug information, you could be one of the less lucky folks to be faced with a bed bug infestation. They are a horrible pest to deal with and time is of the essenc.. Read More - In this episode, Jeff will discuss what the typical recommendations are for bed bug treatment that most of the pest control industry is requiring and what Bed Bug Central's position is on prep.. Read More

How to find bed bugs at home

After living bed bug free for almost 60 years, the United States citizens are now suffering from a bed bug wave. Bed Bug influxes have increased by more than 500% in the last few years; especially in New York, the current position is very critical... Read More

Bed Bugs Alert –Symptoms

A large segment of the population is unaware of the bud bug symptoms. Symptoms are the leading signals indicating bed bugs in the objects of use or the surroundings. As the bed bug menace has erupted after decades, the present generation is unaware .. Read More