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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV - - Bed Bug TV Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap Advisory. In this episode Jeff will recap some of the information discussed in the original episode about the DIY Bed Bug Dr.. Read More

In this episode Jeff will describe the most effective way to apply dusts to kill bed bugs. When working in homes, it is common to see white dusts applied to the surface of floors and carpets in an attempt to kill be.. Read More

@JWhiteBBTV - - In this episode Jeff will demonstrate the proper way to use a steam machine to treat for bed bugs. It has been well documented that the heat created by most steamers is enough to.. Read More - In this episode Jeff will discuss a new product on the market called the Bed Bug Patch. This product claims to increase your repellency to bed bugs by placing a patch on your skin that release.. Read More

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When you must travel, what else could you do in regards to bed bugs in hotels? You cannot be certain whether or not expensive hotels has them. You'll have to use the same precautions since you would at home, and per.. Read More

TRY BED DEFENSE NOW. Go to The Bed Defense system can help you and your family "Sleep Tight." Bed Bugs are small parasites that feed on your warm blood. These pests dwell inside mattresses and other furnishin.. Read More

Found San Diego bed bugs? Call D&S Pest Control. If you're trying to get rid of them, keep in mind over-the-counter insecticides do not work and will cause the Bed bugs to spread to oth.. Read More

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV - - In this episode Jeff will discuss the pesticides that he and BedBug Central are using in their bed bug treatment protocols. Please keep in mind that it is not his in.. Read More

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This is how we defeated the invincible bedbug. This is cheap and easy. You can make your own insecticide dust by mixing in a little pesticide. I used propoxur because it has a residual effect lasting up to a month. .. Read More

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