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silica crystal gel cat litter makes a cheap powder to kill bedbugs. You don’t need anything else. Bedbugs are easy to kill because they MUST come to your bed in order to develop and reproduce. This powder is the dirt cheapest way to kill them. Silica gel is the main ingredient of Drione. You don’t need anything except the silica gel cat litter ground to a fine fine powder. It sticks to the bed bugs and dries them up. Don’t be fooled by anyone else. You can buy a bag of silica gel cat litter, powder it and scatter it mainly on and around the bed and mattress. A bag of silica gel cat litter can treat a whole apartment building for about $15 Can. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for pesticides or an exterminator. You can however mix the silica gel powder you make with pesticides to get a better effect. I prefer propoxur because it has a residual effect for about a month. Pyrethrins break down in air in a couple of days. Powdered silica gel also kills cockroaches and many other insects. To test silica gel get one of those little packets of dessicant that says “throw away, don’t eat”. Crush it to a fine powder and put it in a container with a couple of bedbugs and they will be dead in a couple of hours(be sure some powder is on the bedbugs.) The silica gel in the packet is the same stuff as the silica gel cat litter. Don’t be deceived. Don’t tear apart your bedroom they will come to your bed. DON’T bother laundering everything or vacuuming. Don’t waste

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