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ILLINOIS NEWS NETWORK One Illinois region is not sleeping tight as a plague of bed bugs continues to bite. The Springfield-Decatur-Champaign area ranked 30th on Orkins most recent "Top 50 Bed Bug Cities" list, which tracks wher.. Read More

CINCINNATI An online video was enough for Metro to "immediately" dispatch its pest control company to treat several wooden benches at Government Square on Friday. The square is one of the busiest bus stops in the city. The man who.. Read More

Complaints of bed bugs, stoves that turn on by themselves, break-ins and a landlord that tenants say ignores their cries for help led to a protest that saw dozens of residents demanding to speak with property management on Saturday af.. Read More

Gary Shelton tossed clothes, a wooden bed frame, a directors chair and cardboard boxes stuffed with papers from his community-activist campaigns. Other clothes the 68-year-old Long Beach man washed, dried and bagged. Then he wa.. Read More

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) A bed bug infestation is getting better at a public housing building in Green Bay that is mostly home to elderly residents. Green Bays Housing Authority has been battling bed bugs at Mason Manor for the pa.. Read More

A Brit family say their Spanish holiday was ruined after they were attacked by blood-sucking bed bugs in their apartment block each night for nearly a week. Disgusted Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty shared revolting photographs afte.. Read More

Discreet Bed Bug Removal, Pest Control bug spraying service Johnstown, OH Discreet Bed Bug And Pest Control has been awarded the Quality Pro designation from the National Pest Management Association. . We have also earned Bedbug .. Read More

Liam Edmonds and Laura Dochertywere given an injection and medication from Spanish doctors REVOLTING pictures show how a British familys room was taken over by blood-sucking critters. Liam Edmonds and Laura Docherty found the vile.. Read More

For someone who has not dealt with the nuisance of a bedbug infestation on household furniture, the shudder of those who have might seem extreme. The visceral reaction to the smell of a squashed bed bug and the itch of being bitten is al.. Read More

Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite is a common phrase that has become a reality for both the rich and poor. Many people may not even realize that this reference is about an actual bug. Bed bugs have become an increasing .. Read More

The Associated Press DECATUR, Ill. (AP) A resurgence of bed bugs has cities in central Illinois scurrying for answers of how to tackle the issue. Bed bugs are becoming a problem in places such as Decatur because there's no funding.. Read More

Central Illinois struggles to find solution for bed bugs DECATUR (AP) The resurgence of a bug that was once nearly extinct has cities in central Illinois scurrying for answers of how to tackle the issue. The Herald.. Read More

DECATUR, Ill (WAND)- Since the winter months, reports of bed bugs continues to be a cause for concern in the Decatur and surrounding communities. So much so that officials with the health department and various social services fo.. Read More

DECATUR Bed bugs, once nearly extinct in the United States, have come scurrying back in greater numbers and Central Illinois has been one of their landing spots. In Hotels, apartment buildings, homes, restaurants, churches,.. Read More